Guideposts to Historical Thinking

I think that the most important significant historical question we should focus on this year is, How can history help us to live in the present.  This is the most important question because it can help us define why we do the things we do.  For example looking back at history we can see how people differ from today’s norms and why.  This could affect us to live our lives differently.  People commonly say that history often repeats itself.  If we learn more about the past then we can stop the repetition and decide for ourselves the path we should take in life.  These different stories we hear about the past can determine why we act, if we could act in kindness or coldness.   Determining how history helps us live our live we can find how it affects how we live are life and from there we can improve it.

In- Deph post # 3

So here it come another point in this epic journey that is my In-Depth project.  So far I have finally had a meeting with my mentor.  It went better then I expected.  I was extremely worried that something bad would happen.  During the meeting, I was taught a few of the throwing techniques that are most commonly used.  After I practiced them I practiced shooting and more importantly aiming while I shoot.  Another big accomplishment for my In-Depth is that I got all my lacrosse gear.  I was super excited to get it.  The best part would have to be my lacrosse stick.  It is really nice.  It has this coating on the metal that stops it from getting cold and provides an excellent grip.  It also had a pre worked in pocket that will help me with catching the ball.  Which by the way is extremely hard.  It also has a pocket protector that stops the ball from damaging your stick.  So I was really excited to test it out, and it worked really well.

  1. What went particularly well during your mentoring session.

A lot of things went well for my first mentoring sessions.  At first it was a little bit nervous but once we started it was fine.  I started thinking about him as a coach and that clicked something in my brain so I was listening to instructions better and asking certain question that would help me execute certain techniques better.

2.   What relationship challenges did you face?  Address some of the sub- questions below.

The biggest relationship challenged that I faced during the mentoring session would be that my mentor and I never really talked to each other.  This made it hard on communicating and first because I think we were both unsure of what to say and how to go about our meeting.   Yet, as we continued with the meeting we got a bit more relaxed and comfortable with each other.  This was manly due to the fact that I voiced that I was nervous at the start of the meeting so I don’t think we did anything to hard so that I got more comfortable with the feel of Lacrosse and what these mentoring sessions would be like.

3.   What logical challenges affected your communication?

Our communications was manly affected by the fact that we do not know each other well.  So we don’t know how each of us works and how we think.  Another thing that was a big factor in communication challenges was the fact that I do not understand any lacrosse terms.  When he would try to explain something to me I would be very confused.  It worked better after I saw something because I more of a visual learner.

In-Depth. Downloading Update.

This year I was a little behind on finding a mentor.  Although I have tried to catch up to the best of my ability.  I have accomplished that goal.  This year my mentor for box lacrosse with be Ken Thomas.

I have known Mr. Thomas for a long time just not very well.  He was a coach in the same soccer club that I play for.  Now coaching soccer and knowledge on box lacrosse are two completely different things, yet while coaching soccer he also coached Box Lacrosse.  To be specific he coached my sister’s Box Lacrosse team.  He coached a Box Lacrosse team for PoCo Saints which is the club I will be playing for.  Not only did he do this but the team he coached was a division A team.  I realise that coaching is a very difficult task and you have to have vast knowledge on the sport your coaching, this makes him an ideal mentor for me this year.  Sadly, this year he will most likely not be coaching.  I am choosing to see this in a positive way as it allows him to have more free time in his schedule so that we can have more mentor meetings.  Even though he wont be coaching he still has a lot of knowledge that he can pass down to me about this terrific sport.

Now we haven’t had a mentor meeting yet but we are currently trying to find a date that works best for both of us.  Most likely our first one with be this Friday after my soccer team practices and his soccer team practices are done.  I think this will work great because of three reason: it doesn’t conflict with any of my extra curricular activities(basketball or soccer), we are already at a field that has tennis courts and soccer fields so I can practice throwing, passing and other things on, and it will be a week before the In-Depth post are due, which gives me plenty of time to reflect on our meeting.  After that we will meet probably once a week at the same time.

Throughout this experience of finding a mentor a mentor and emailing my mentor back and forth so that we could figure everything out, I learned some cool things that will help if anyone asks me to become their mentor.  Not only did Mr. Thomas make sure that he let me know that he could be my mentor but he also said that if him not coaching Lacrosse was a prerequisite he could find me other mentors, he also told me what time was best for him.  This helped actually help ease my stress a bit.  Even though we haven’t talked about Lacrosse yet I’ve already started learning things from him.


So here is my product of my zip.  Sorry, I meant to post this yesterday but I was occupied with basketball.


Book Review

I have just read a fantastic book about a young girl who has lost everything and has been given up for adoption.  At the start of the book she discovers her new family and friends and throughout the book she dives into many adventures that deal with thievery, keeping a huge secret, and most of all books.  Through the eyes of death itself, Markus Zusak’s incredible story, “The Book Thief”,  Tells the tale of a Liesel Meminger.

Before I started reading this book; countless people told me that it was a great read so I decided to find out for myself.  It amazes me how right they were.  I truly have fallen in love with “The Book Thief”.  I found the book quite intriguing for many reasons.  One of them was how it was written.  Markus Zusak uses Death as the narrator of Liesel’s Life.  Death is a narrator who can easily go off track and spoil a huge part of the book.  Death would quickly go from place to place and person to person.  I really enjoyed this way of viewing a story; I have never read a book written this way.  Another factor of my growing love for the book thief is for its characters.  While reading this book, I quickly fell in love with so many different characters and their open heart.  From Liesel’s curiosity, her mother’s generosity and her father’s wit; the characters really came alive in my mind.  The one setback I had while reading “The Book Thief” was having to constantly reread bits and pieces of the book so I could understand it.  Truth be told, because of the jumpiness of the narrator, sometimes it would become difficult to follow along with the story.

Overall “The Book Thief” is an incredible book that I will never regret reading.  The many trials that young Liesel Meminger had to go through is really astounding and kept me flipping the pages so I could see what happened.  I would totally recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of reading adventures, a bit of mystery and of course anyone who doesn’t mind stealing.  For this book lover I would rate “The Book Thief” 8.5/10.


Movie Review.

I have just watched this beautiful movie telling the tales of an adventurous and curious young girl.  At the start of the movie she discovers her new family and friends and throughout the film she dives into many adventures that deal with thievery, keeping a huge secret, and most of all books.  Through the eyes of death itself, Markus Zusak’s incredible story, “The Book Thief”,  Tells the tale of a Liesel Meminger.

I have to be honest here and my honest opinion is that this movie is not that good.  To start us off the movie would bounce from story plot to story plot without clearly showing the relationship between them.  It was really hard to understand the connection between two different scenes.  I also found the film very dark.  I know that they were difficult times that probably were very dark, but in the original book that this movie was based of off, the characters still found happiness in very difficult situations.  The actors that played these characters, in my opinion, were pretty good.  They portrayed them quite thoroughly.  There were some small details that I would have like to have seen but you can’t get everything you want.  I feel like the director did a good job portraying the dark atmosphere and that was really compelling.

Overall this movie alone is a pretty good movie.  If there was no relation to a book I probably would have enjoyed it more.  Since it was based off a book I was very critical about it and it did not meet my standards of what the movie of “The Book Thief” should be.  So if you love movies but hate reading the books they are based off of, than this is the perfect movie for you.


Romeo and Juliet

Kulich’s argument that Romeo and Juliet should not be viewed as children is very unaffected.  Kulich is very wrong when he states that it was common that people would marry vey young.  It is indeed the opposite.  Even though the common age is quite younger then the common age to marry is now it still is not right to view Romeo and Juliet as mature enough to make this decision on their own.   As far as my research shows the only marriages that took place with people this young, is if they were of the nobility.  But those marriages would only take place because the parents arranged it to be that way.  Most of the time people would marry at 20-25 years of age.   In this case Romeo and Juliet would not be viewed as Children but they also wouldn’t be viewed as Adults.  Most likely they would be treated like teenagers; too young to be adults but to old to be children.

Duh de da Duh (cue trumpets) Now Introducing My In-Depth Project

Well lets see; new year, new In-Depth project.  Before I go any further I guess I have to say what my In-Depth project is on.  As many of you know I have a passion for sports, so this year I decided that I would add a new sport to my already growing repertoire.  The sport in question is none other then Box Lacrosse.

I decided on this sport as my project for a couple of reasons.  Reason number 1: my sister started playing Box Lacrosse last year and after watching a couple games I started to grow and interest in not only watching it but playing it.  Reason number 2: the season almost perfectly lines up with In-Depth.  Reason number 3: I thought it would make a really interesting project.  Reason number 3: I had no other ideas.

So after much (not really) thought, Box Lacrosse was the newest sport I will learn.  To learn this subject that will probably prove to be very difficult, I would have to find a mentor.  Here comes the difficult part.  As of right now I do not have a mentor, but I am working quickly to change that as soon as I can.  I hope I will get one soon because I want/need to start right away.

Now to end of my first post of In-Depth as of 2018, I wish all my fellow T.A.L.O.N.S. a good luck with their In-Depth project.

Christmas break D.O.L.

Well this Christmas break I was quite productive with my Zip project.  Because I was a bit behind schedule so I had two weeks to get back on track.  For the first week of break I dedicated that to finishing reading The Book Thief.  It work out perfectly because I had a three hour plane ride just to read.  During the next 6 days I spent every moment I could reading.  Luckily before the flight back I finished the book.  So the whole trip home was the time I worked on the review for it.  I stuck true to my opinions of the book and wrote and edited it on the plane.  I am really proud of my end product.  Yet I was not finished I still had to watch the movie.  As always I think the book is ten times better then the movie, but the movie was still pretty good.  Writing the review was a lot easier then writing the review for the book.  I think it was because I had already written a review of the story so I knew how to go about it.  It was also easier because I only  had to remember 2h 15min movie instead of recalling a book I had been written for over a week.

After I finished I felt a bit of relief wash over me.  Now all I have to do is to make a presentation and I am finished my second Zip project.

A 360 degree leader

During this past week, our class got to listen to John Maxwell’s How to be a 360 degree leader.   His observations of how to be a better leader were quite intriguing, particularly when he was talking about the many hats a leader has to take on.  While explaining this concept, that I think affected me the most, I realised how true this statement was.  I consider myself to be a leader and I was shocked when I realised how many hats that I have needed to put on to become a better leader.  For example during warmups I have to take on the hat of a positive attitude.  It is especially important to start a game with a positive attitude so I try to stay positive al throughout our warmup.  Although during the game I am more commanding.  I try to see everything on the court so when something goes wrong I know how to fix it.  I think having the ability to have many different hats to lead with is very important.   It is a useful skill because that way you can come across in many different manners that might be helpful.  This is why the concept of leaders having many different hats stuck with me.

D.O.L. #2

Well two weeks have gone bye and I can confidently say that I am doing much better then I was last year with keeping up with my ZIP project.  Although it is a much bigger struggle to work on my ZIP project at home then it is at school; I am still on track.  This last Friday, I read a lot of reviews for The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.  I thought this would be the right option because I have read the book and watched the movie.  This way I could actually understand the topics they were saying.  While reading the reviews, I took notes on the areas where the review was written and executed really well and the areas were it wasn’t.  I think this will be really helpful for me when I start to write my review because I can go back and make sure that I am doing everything right.

I have also starting reading the book thief.  I am taking notes for every chapter and writing a short analyses and summarization of the chapter.

So at my ZIP project looks like it will turn out fairly well.

D.O.L. numero 1…… This is for ZIP

So this is my first document of learning for this year of zip.  The question I have chosen is:

What is a specific source of information that you have found valuable in answering your inquiry question?  How has it proved valuable?

to first answer this question I need to find a valuable source.  for me that is  It is a great first start in my journey to answering my question.  Right away it told me some differences I have to consider in writing a review about a book compared to writing a review on a movie.  It also told me what to look for in writing a review.  It also showed me how I need to compare the book/movie.  How to decide if it is good or bad.

Overall this cite is a really good first step on the ladder that is my ZIP project, and I look forward to learning more.  Until next time.