My Research about Vimy Ridge

Cause and Consequence: What were the causes and most important aspects of your chosen event related to guiding question? (5Ws)

Who: Canadian, English and French Soldiers, Focusing on Canadian Soldiers

What: Battle of Vimy Ridge

Where: Vimy Ridge, France

When: April 9-12, 1917

Why: To claim Vimy Ridge back from German forces

The most important aspect relating to the guided question that has to do with Vimy Ridge, would have to be becoming more socially autonomous.  After Vimy Ridge it really signified that Canada was a strong powerful force and this wasn’t just on the battle field.  Throughout all of Canada the victory and Vimy Ridge was a truly inspiring moment and something Canadians refer to, to show our endurance.  Not only did it signify we were a force to be reckoned with it, it also showed our tactics and battle strategy is through the roof.  Because of all of this it, Canada became more viewed as more autonomous.

Historical Perspective: How was your researched event viewed by Canadians at the time?  How do you know?

Although taking back Vimy Ridge was highly celebrated by Canadians and a lot of people felt pride over it.  There was a lot of Canadians who lost their loved ones because of their sacrifice for our country.  So while it was a time for celebration it was also a time for mourning.  Vimy Ridge will always be a reminder not only for our impact on the war but also for the ones we lost.

I learned all of this from this article Mr. Morris gave me.  I do not know how to insert it into this post so if you want to read it please ask him.

Continuity and Change: To what extent did this event or idea affect Canadian social, political, or economic norms and values?

It affected the societies values in Canadians the post but because of all the social impact it had on all Canadians it also affected politics.  It affected more of the political side of it when it came down to how we were going to remember all the Canadians that served in the war.  It was highly debated but because of the social impact it had they created a monument for Vimy Ridge.  This then affected the economy because you have to build it.  Due to this battle it affected a lot of the norms and values in Canada.

Historical Significance:  In what ways, specifically, did your event contribute to Canada’s social, political, or economic autonomy? Provide evidence from primary and secondary sourcing.

Due to this battle, Canada became more autonomous in most aspects of the guided question.  I already explained how Canada became more autonomous socially in the first question so please refer back to that.  I explained how Canada became more politically autonomous because of the decision of to when and where and what to build to commemorate the soldiers that served in Canada..  They Canadian government did this on their own accord.

Laurier and Trudeau

Similarities Differences
  • Liberals that became Prime Ministers after long conservative rule
  • Both Laurier and Trudeau believe in sunny ways.
  • Both tend to negotiate by listen to both sides of the story
  • Trudeau and Laurier try their best to protect the minorities and their rights in Canada
  • Both try to protect Canada’s identity as peacekeepers
  • Laurier tries to unite Canada under one single Identity while Trudeau believes more in post nationalism and the fact that Canada has any identities
  • Laurier try to protect Canada more from outside forces while Trudeau works on inside forces
  • Trudeau makes decisions on what he believes in while as Laurier makes decisions that compromise with everyone’s opinions

Sources: 1.4534679

Sir Adam George Archibald

So I believe that we are allowed to do this D.O.L. in different styles.  I chose the one that I like the best, casual. (insert smiley face here)

These three reasons I have listed below are the main factors as to why Sir Adam George Archibald chose to side that Canada should confederate.  The first two had some impact to his decision but the last one was the huge one in his eyes.

Government should be lead by all of Canada.

Sir Archibald liked the fact that if Canada confederated that we would get to decide what went on in our country, how it was run, and how we could affect the outside world.

Trading Purposes.

One of the perks of living in Nova Scotia was that it was full of ships coming in and out to trade.  If Canada confederated the ships would be more regulated and then there would be a stable income for a lot of workers.  Archibald was a businessman and really exceled at the financial part of politics so this was right up in his alley.

Connecting The East to The West with a Railway.

I found this funny.  Before the CPR was proposed, Archibald actually was trying to persuade people to build a railway that connected the Maritimes together.  Needless to say it did not work out, yet when Macdonald came along with this Idea to connect the entire country, from sea to sea, with a railway, Archibald was all for it.  This was the one that really help him side with the confederates.  He was actually the only liberal in Nova Scotia that wanted Canada to confederate.

Well that is all for now until the big roleplay meeting.


Social Final! a copy of the midterm


Hamilton                 French Revolution

1              4                  1                2

1-Emerging ideas and ideologues profoundly influence by societies and events

2-The physical environment influences the nature of political, social and economic change

3-Disparities in power alter the balance of the relationship between individuals and between societies

4-Collective identity is constructed and can change over time

Wow I can’t believe it’s the middle of the year already. Anyways to be honest socials has never been my best subject. I especially enjoy learning about politics with trump. Come on of course I had to include him some way. Getting back on track. Everything we learned we did it in a different way. Which made it easier to learn this stuff because I really was interested in it.

If you read my midterm I am following that format where I choose a big idea that connects both subjects I am talking about and from those subjects I have big ideas connecting off of that

To get us started I have numbered all the big ideas in numbers. 1-Emerging ideas and ideologies profoundly influence by society and events, 2-The physical environment influences the nature of political, social and economical change, 3-Dispairities in power alter the balance of the relationships between individuals and between societies, 4-Collective identity is constructed and can change over time. The big Idea that connected to all of them at the start is drumroll please even though you can totally see it on the screen. Lucky number 3. I chose this because it is pretty much the description of why people should have a revolution and the last two units are about revolution.   You got one side that has a lot of power and life’s going great for them (royalist) and on the other hand you got the side that doesn’t have power and would like some so that they can have a say on how they run things because things aren’t going well for them. Thus splitting a country into two or a it more then two if you count radicals and non radical who are also the enemy. And if you don’t know that I am talking about the French revolution where were you for the past 1-2 weeks. Before the French revolution there was the American Revolution, which is a bit different yet, similar. Many people are upset because the person who has the most power is so far away Everyone at this time has had enough because they don’t get a say on how the country is run and they can’t exactly talk to the king because he is across the sea. Thus the American Experiment. Well look how it’s turned out, trumps president.

Connecting off of Hamilton is #1 & 4. Lets start with number 1; the emerging idea in this case is America in itself.   They were one of the first countries in that time to completely build their government from scratch. They had no other country to base this off of. This experiment set of the fire so other countries could follow in their footsteps.

The second branch is #4. This one of literally a biases off of Hamilton himself because his enemies destroyed his reputation when he died and not a lot of people knew what he did then boom the play comes out and a lot more people know about Hamilton including me who is really obsessed.

Know to backtrack a little let’s look at the branches off of the French revolution you have got #1 & 2. Lets start off with #2.

The crops were failing in France, which caused bread prices to skyrocket, which made the people upset which made the people think that the king and queen were hoarding all that grain. The outside environment was one of the big sparks that set of the Canon that was the French revolution.

Last but not least #1 besides the revolution another thing is the Guillotine because it was also another emerging idea. It completely changed the way people were being executed know what I am wondering if that affected how many people were being executed.

Know on to stars and wishes.  I am going to do wishes first so I can end n a semi decent note.



Before the midterm some of my blog post had some perspective but it has become less and less perspective as the term has progress when it should be going in a different direction. I definitely need to work on this next year.

Social Studies Inquiry Process

I not that great at asking question and my question aren’t great ones when I do ask them, this is something I really should improve on.

Continuity and change

I don’t really explain my thoughts on continuity and change that much compared to other areas.


Ethical Judgment

I try to be on the side that is good. And I believe that I am on that side for the most part.


I do think I execute this area well because I like to believe that I offer a lot of evidence for whatever I am saying. And how I am saying it.


I enjoy and hopefully do a good job assessing the importance of place people and things. And show that through what I am saying

After this year I am really looking forward to next year because we are going to learn more about Canada, which sadly means less Hamilton but also hopefully less trump but to be honest there is always going to be trump

Me, myself and I

Let me formally introduce myself, I am Henri Sanson de Longval.

I come from a long line of Sansons.  Families like mine are called Les Bourreaux (the Executioners).  Which means that your whole family is executioners.

I was born in Paris on February 15 1739.  Sure its good to be born in a stable family but I have always hated the fact that my family are Bourreaux.  Being born into a Bourreaux family means that schools refused to admit me and I would have to live on the outside of the city limits.  The Church would refused to marry me unless I was marring another person from a Bourreaux family.

I was an apprentice to my father because no one else wanted to me my mentor.  My fathers name is Jean-Babiste.  Learning from the best right.  After that I became the “Royal Executioner of France” on December 26 1776.  It was a well paying job and all but I hated it.

I am a good supporter of the revolution because I have hopes that afterward I do not have to kill anymore people, or that much more people at least.  I also am sick and tired of how the monarchs rule over because I only get paid if the royals want to kill someone.

So that a brief overview of me, myself and I.

Its meant to be a Tree

You can do the best you can in life but you can’t control how history sees you.


I am trying to upload a photo of my map but my computer is being annoying and only letting me upload the photo if its upside down.  I will edit this post once i have figured out a way to post this photo right side up

Just go with me and say that my map is suppose to be a tree because it should be a tree.  I tried to make it look as close to tree like as possible.

My theme statement is coming out of the “stump”.  There is three “branches” coming out of the stump.  The branches are named history has it’s eyes on you, who lives who dies who tells the story and last but not least legacy.  and then this branches have smaller branches coming out of that.  seriously i really id try to make it as close to tree like as possible.

Lets go to the branches.  First is Legacy.  Legacy is talked about a lot in this musical.  It is in most of the songs and its sang about a lot.  Just listen to practically any song and you can somehow tie it to legacy in someway.  One of things Hamilton was known for is that he was non-stop.  He never stopped writing or working.  He just kept going.  two songs that are tied to legacy are The World was Wide Enough and My Shot and in my eyes they somewhat go together.  In The World was Wide Enough, Hamilton is worried that this bullet will be his legacy.  In My shot the phrase “I am not throwing away my shot” gets repeated a lot, but in The World was Wide Enough thats exactly does he throws away hi shot.  The last small branch is What type of legacy do you leave.  Which is very important and based on what you do in life.

Next branch is History has its eyes on you.

One of the sub branches is How lucky we are to be alive right now.  Which is true, since Hamilton is born in this time he gets to make a difference in this world.  Another sub branch is everyone is watching you which is kind of a creepy sentence but if you think about it.  The American Revolution made so that they were building a whole country by scratch.  Everyone was watching them because it never had been done before it was a completely new thing.  Two other songs that relate to this topic is Alexander Hamilton and  History has its eyes on you.  The second one is really self explanatory.  Alexander Hamilton is related to history has its eyes on you because Alexander Hamilton was pretty much a whole recap on his life and how he goes down in history.

finally the last is Who lives who dies who tells your story and who get a lot more branches off this branch.  It very hard to control who rights your story because you have met so many people in your life and you have impacted so many different peoples life.  In the musical you get to meet everyone who played a part in writing Hamiltons story.  Another subsequent branch on the bigger branch is you can’t control when you are going to die.  This is important because a bunch of people out lived Hamilton especially those in the area of not exactly friends with him.  So they got to dictate how much the world was going to hear about him and what they were going to here about him.  The last smaller branch is the actual song who lives who dies who tells your story.  This song is so moving because most people who had a part in telling Hamiltons story sang in this song.

You don’t know how your legacy is going to look in the future.  You don’t know what history will think about you.  You don’t know who is going to right your story.   So make the best of your life so when you look back at the things you have done, you are happy with them.  You think you did the best you could in life because thats all we can ever do.

Just to add one more thing.  I learning about Hamilton by listening to Hamilton.  All the songs were amazing and they will forever be in my brain and thats a good thing.  All of them are so so so so so so so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Ten Duel Commandments

The “ten Duel Commandments” is mostly for letting the audience know how a duel works because there a three duels in this play and two are really important.  The song goes through the ten things you have to do before you start the duel.  The song begins as Lauren one of Hamiltons closest friends challenges Lee to a duel.  Which is the first thing you do on the ten duel commandments.  Then it goes through the rest and I will explain that quickly.

The second commandment is to get a second.  This is someone who will speak to your opponents second so that you and your opponent don’t have to come face to face until the duel.  You second is usually someone you trust and is someone who you are close with.

The third commandment is getting you seconds to meet face to face.  This is to negotiate a peace between them or to set a time and a place to do the duel.

If you continue on past the third step the next one is to get a doctor.  This is so you have a better chance of living.  When the duel is happening the doctor turns around so he can have deniability.

Number five is to duel before sunrise.  You do this because duelling is illegal and there is a better chance of you getting away with it in the morning.  This also stops you from having sunlight directly in your eye.

The seventh commandment is to leave a note for your next of kin.  You do this so that they know what you are doing/did and where you are doing it.  This is incase you die.

Number eight is kind of the last time to negotiate.

The ninth commandment is to look him in the eye aim no higher.

The last one number ten.  Count ten faces in opposite direction and shoot.


I relate this song to mostly the big idea of how the physical enviroment influences the nature of political, social and economical change.  I thought so because there is a line in the song where it like ‘pick a place to die where it’s high and dry”.  You also should have the duel before the sunrise.  All these things can contribute to who lives and who dies.

If you are looking at the content area side of thing this is really a big local, regional  and global conflict.  Well it’s more local and regional.  Not only the duel between Lauren and Lee, but also the kind of firemen relationship Hamilton has with Burr.


Some things that stood out to me were the fact that were sirens in the background of the song.  They kind get you amped up and you know something is going to happen.  I also really like that Hamilton also continues with the Aaron Burr, sir thing.  Personally I love it.  In the song it says that most disputes die and none shoots yet in all three of the duels someone shoots.  And to end us off I love how this song is on the shorter side because it more of a informative song, but it keeps all the points short and I just love the Song as a whole.

Midterm!!! halfway through the semester already?

  • 1-Emerging ideas and ideologues profoundly influence societies and events
  • 2-The physical environment influences the nature of political, social and economic change.
  • 3-Disparities in power alter the balance of relationships between individuals and between societies
  • 4-Collective identity is constructed and can change over time


Columbus                                                       Donald Trump

4                   2                                                               2

English Civil War                                            Social cycles

3               4                                                            2


Charles Darwin



1- Columbus was the supposedly first person to arrive in South America. Therefore he himself was the emerging idea. And he definitely changed society and events with everything he did over in South America. For example when he arrived he made them his slaves and that changed society over there.

2-Columbus believed that there would be lots of gold in this new place so he to make people go out and get him some gold he created a political social and economical change

4-The world did not learn what Columbus had done until 50 years ago.

English Civil War

1-Charles 1 idea of what everyone should believe in and the pamphlet he made influenced the Scottish to go against him because they believed in a different belief system

3-when Charles 1 was in charge he split the United Kingdom into two the ones with him and the ones against him

4- Depending on how you look at it or whom you heard about it from you might think of Charles 1 in a different way then other people do. If you have enough people to convince you to think of him in a different way 

Charles Darwin

1-The origin of species just completely changed society and events because it was going against the church and no one goes against the church. It was debated by so many people and in so many different places.

2- the physical environment made it possible for Charles Darwin to research and write all his books. These books change society especially the Origin of Species that changed the way people look at the world now and every book he wrote affected the scientific community.

Social cycles

1- when something new comes along like the printing press it creates a technological revolution, which triggers the rest of the cycle

2- when someone discovers something new like Columbus it usually starts some kind of revolution in that case it was a social one

Donald Trump

1- Donald trump in himself is the emerging idea. He was running for president and he didn’t have that much experience. Now he will be the next president. From that position he can change society and events he could also start a political, economical or social revolution

2- With everyone having some form of technology these days people could look at what Donald Trump was posting on his twitter and what promises he was making on his social media. It was also easier for people do watch the presidential debates.

3-When Donald Trump was elected President a lot of people disagree with that and a lot of people agreed and from that there as been some fighting and some picket lines and even someone has been raising money to get a revote for some states.



In socials I do a good job at addressing the importance of people and places. I also look at the historical impact people had on the world in all different areas.


In all my projects to do with social studies I feel like I provide a lot of evidence that is supported my good sources.

-Ethical Judgments

My ethical judgment is very well shown in everything I do and say. I also say what’s on my mind a share it with the class in-group discussions.


-Social Studies Inquiry Process

I do not think that I ask questions; gathers, interprets, and analyze to the fullest extent that I could. This is definitely something that I should work on.

-Continuity and Change

I could have work better on the parts that contain continuity and change or at least I could have work harder on those parts.


In some of the research projects or blog post I have had some perspective but I don’t have perspective in all of them. This is something I definitely have to work on.

Let them eat cake!

In socials class we have been researching and talking about social, technological, poltical and economical evolution.  We were supposed to create a wheel showing these main four evolution and if you wanted you could use some others.  My wheel is called ELSP.  It contains Economical, Law, Social and political evolutions. It is all based on events during or leading up to the French Revolution.


It starts of with the spark, economical evolution in my case.  It all started one day in fall in 1786.  Charles Alexandre proposed a financial reform package which had a land tax from which the privileged classes would no longer be exempt.  To gain support for this the King summoned the Estate Generals an assembly representing France’s clergy, nobility and middle class for the first time since 1614.  The meeting was scheduled for May 5th 1789

France’s population has changed since 1614.  The none aristocrats of the third party now represented 98% of the population, but the could still be out voted by the other 2%.  In the lead up to May 5th, the Third Estate began to mobilize support for equal representation. They wanted voting done by heads not by status.

On July 14th a popular insurgency culminated when rioters stormed the Bastille Fortress in attempt to secure gunpowder and weapons.  Many consider this the start of the French Revolution.  A wave of revolutionary fervour and widespread hysteria quickly swept the countryside.  People began revolting against exploitation.  Peasants looted and burned the houses of tax collectors and landlords.  This hastened the growing exodus of nobles from the country and inspired the National Constituent assembly to abolis feudalism on August 1789

The assembly then adopted the declaration of the rights of man and the citizen on August 4th.  The document proclaimed the Assembly’s commitment to replace the ancien regime with a system based on equal opportunity, freedom of speech, popular sovereignty and representative gonvernment.

Socials :)


1) Where are you (with respect to Social Studies)?

Well in certain subjects of history I know quite a lot.  For example, Greek Mythology, I was interested in it when I was in grade 5 because I started reading the Percy Jackson series and I wanted to learn more about Greek mythology I even tried to learn some Greek in grade 6, although that did NOT work out well. Because of my interest in Greek mythology I started learning about other mythology like Roman and Egyptian and they were interesting but Greek is still my favorite.  Last year we learned about the Renaissance and I like parts of it like the Art and Architecture, but the other parts weren’t that interesting to me.

2) Where are you going?

Well I am interested in a career in law and political science is in that.  I would also like to learn more about Philosophy because it is really interesting and different and i think is would be really cool to learn about.

3) What interests you about this topic? (why?)

Well i have always liked debating and arguing, it was always interesting to see both sides and pick which one you think is right.  What is interesting about philosophy is that its different and I guess i don’t know a lot about it but i have always wondered about it.

4) What challenges you about this topic?

Well i do not know a lot about Philosophy and Political science so i wouldn’t know what to do.  I struggle with history in general when I learn about something I find is very awful like Columbus and what he did.  Sometimes I struggle when I am learning about history and there is a bunch of names, it is just really confusing.

5) What have we done/read/discussed so far that provides an example at the main or 2nd focus question

Reading about Christopher Columbus was really challenging for me because i couldn’t get over all the bad things that he done so i had to read everything over and over again because it was just so awful. I also always stopped because I was wondering how this was not discovered till 50 years ago.  I get that the winner always rights the story but it was just shocking.