My Research about Vimy Ridge

Cause and Consequence: What were the causes and most important aspects of your chosen event related to guiding question? (5Ws)

Who: Canadian, English and French Soldiers, Focusing on Canadian Soldiers

What: Battle of Vimy Ridge

Where: Vimy Ridge, France

When: April 9-12, 1917

Why: To claim Vimy Ridge back from German forces

The most important aspect relating to the guided question that has to do with Vimy Ridge, would have to be becoming more socially autonomous.  After Vimy Ridge it really signified that Canada was a strong powerful force and this wasn’t just on the battle field.  Throughout all of Canada the victory and Vimy Ridge was a truly inspiring moment and something Canadians refer to, to show our endurance.  Not only did it signify we were a force to be reckoned with it, it also showed our tactics and battle strategy is through the roof.  Because of all of this it, Canada became more viewed as more autonomous.

Historical Perspective: How was your researched event viewed by Canadians at the time?  How do you know?

Although taking back Vimy Ridge was highly celebrated by Canadians and a lot of people felt pride over it.  There was a lot of Canadians who lost their loved ones because of their sacrifice for our country.  So while it was a time for celebration it was also a time for mourning.  Vimy Ridge will always be a reminder not only for our impact on the war but also for the ones we lost.

I learned all of this from this article Mr. Morris gave me.  I do not know how to insert it into this post so if you want to read it please ask him.

Continuity and Change: To what extent did this event or idea affect Canadian social, political, or economic norms and values?

It affected the societies values in Canadians the post but because of all the social impact it had on all Canadians it also affected politics.  It affected more of the political side of it when it came down to how we were going to remember all the Canadians that served in the war.  It was highly debated but because of the social impact it had they created a monument for Vimy Ridge.  This then affected the economy because you have to build it.  Due to this battle it affected a lot of the norms and values in Canada.

Historical Significance:  In what ways, specifically, did your event contribute to Canada’s social, political, or economic autonomy? Provide evidence from primary and secondary sourcing.

Due to this battle, Canada became more autonomous in most aspects of the guided question.  I already explained how Canada became more autonomous socially in the first question so please refer back to that.  I explained how Canada became more politically autonomous because of the decision of to when and where and what to build to commemorate the soldiers that served in Canada..  They Canadian government did this on their own accord.

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