Sir Adam George Archibald

So I believe that we are allowed to do this D.O.L. in different styles.  I chose the one that I like the best, casual. (insert smiley face here)

These three reasons I have listed below are the main factors as to why Sir Adam George Archibald chose to side that Canada should confederate.  The first two had some impact to his decision but the last one was the huge one in his eyes.

Government should be lead by all of Canada.

Sir Archibald liked the fact that if Canada confederated that we would get to decide what went on in our country, how it was run, and how we could affect the outside world.

Trading Purposes.

One of the perks of living in Nova Scotia was that it was full of ships coming in and out to trade.  If Canada confederated the ships would be more regulated and then there would be a stable income for a lot of workers.  Archibald was a businessman and really exceled at the financial part of politics so this was right up in his alley.

Connecting The East to The West with a Railway.

I found this funny.  Before the CPR was proposed, Archibald actually was trying to persuade people to build a railway that connected the Maritimes together.  Needless to say it did not work out, yet when Macdonald came along with this Idea to connect the entire country, from sea to sea, with a railway, Archibald was all for it.  This was the one that really help him side with the confederates.  He was actually the only liberal in Nova Scotia that wanted Canada to confederate.

Well that is all for now until the big roleplay meeting.


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