In-Depth – The Final Curtain.

As I approach the final ending to this long and beautiful project, I end up with a couple of questions for myself.

  • How do I show people this spectacular and complex sport that is Lacrosse,
  • How much have I really done,
  • and Where do I go from here.

After a lot of thinking over these past 4 months, I have come up with some answers.

The way I will be presenting my learner is with a Learning Center.  I will bring some of my gear to show everyone.  Most importantly, I will be bringing my stick, my gloves and my jersey.  I will set up a mini game for everybody if they choose to participate.  This mini game will involve me teaching them how to throw.  If they want to learn something else, I can also teach them how to cradle the ball in the stick.  I will be bringing extra balls and extra sticks.  I will also be representing my team, Poco Saints, by wearing my teams practice uniforms.

I have done so many things to learn about this sport.  My favourite will be that I actually joined a league.  I have learned so much during actual practices and games.  I found I learned a lot more when I actually got involved in a game.  In my point of view I have done a lot during these past 4 months.

The last question is the one I struggle with the most.  I don’t exactly know where I’ll go from here.  What I do know is that i’ll definitely see it through until the end of the season.  The real question for me is if I will play next year.  Right now I am going to decide later to see if I really want to continue to play this sport.

So that is all.  A month left until the final curtain closes.  A month left until I am finished this project.  This is going to be one amazing month.  And truth be told I am scared and excited for the curtain to close.

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