Canada – In regards to what we are.

1.  Choose an event from Canada’s past or present (social, political, environmental, or economic) and describe / illustrate (show cause and effect) how this event influenced / influences all four of the quadrants. Provide images / primary source evidence where possible.

Through the millions of events that have happened to Canada, there is one that has happened recently that has caused some chaos regarding what Canada values.  This event of course is the release of Canada’s Budget.  The reason why this event is so impactful is because it affects all four quadrants: Political, Social, Economical, and Environmental.  This year’s budget is largely focussed on Women in the workforce.  What this does is it appeals to all the women in the country which take up a huge part in voting so the Politics behind it are trying to reach out to the social aspect of Canada.  Another reason it impacts social is that they are trying to make it the social norm for women to be treated equally in the workplace and the world.  Not only women but also Indigenous people and other minorities.  It affects environmental in the same ways it affects social, because the government is trying to make it the norm in our environment for everyone to be equal.  Another one of the biggest affects this event has is on the economical aspect.  Because this the Canadian budget, it will affect economics in a great way.  Certain areas of the budget have more or less than they did in previous years so that will change how they will affect Canadian economics.  This event has changed Canada in so many ways in so many different areas.

2.  Does your event represent a step towards creating and maintaining a coherent       Canadian identity, or does it move Canada more clearly in the direction of Trudeau’s discussion of a “post national” state?

The one thing that most people agree about Canada is that we are a diverse country.  We are very active in supporting diversity, whether that be LGBTQ+ rights to equal pay for everyone in the workforce, Canada has tried to support everybody’s views.  So if we say that one event has created ONE coherent Canadian identity we are not supporting everybody who lives in Canada, because we all have different views on the world.  We would not be supporting diversity.  Canada is not a post national state because we are, in my opinion, a nation.  What connects us that we are all different.  That is what Canada celebrates and that’s what brings us together.  We can’t be a post national state when we are still a nation.

3.  In your opinion, is there any value in trying to define a specific Canadian identity, or should we abandon this idea towards a more open and global idea of nationhood? Why?

There is really no value in defining what Canada is.  Canada is Canada.  It is a bunch of different people with different experiences and different views on the world, all spread out through 10 provinces and 3 territories, all together under one flag.  The best thing about Canada, again in my own opinion, is that we celebrate diversity.  We celebrate that there is many differences between all of us and that is what brings us together.  We celebrate Canada and whatever we believe it stands for.  There is no point in defining something that is so huge and so vast, you can’t.  So what we can do know is start understanding the world and how we can help to make it a better place.


In-Depth post #4

I only got a chance to meet with my mentor once over the past two weeks.  Unfortunately he went away on a trip for a week and a half.  Luckily we had a chance to meet up Friday night, since we both had practices at the same time.  So we had the chance to meet up afterwards.  During the meeting we reviewed what we did at our last meeting as well as went over some of the rules of the game.

1. What has been my most difficult mentoring challenge so far?  Why?

The most difficult mentoring challenge would be the fact that even though we are talking and getting to know each other, I am still really nervous while talking to him.  This is probably because I am nervous and don’t want to let anybody down.  I think this will only go away with time, I just can’t wait for that day to come.

2. What is working well? Why?

The thing that is working the best would have to be that I am able to understand and pick up on new concepts so I am able to learn more in a short amount of time.  This makes it easier for my mentor to be able to give me more instruction and tips.  Because he is able to give me more advice it will help me when I actually get to playing.

3. What could be working better?  How can you make sure this happens?

What could be working better is our availability to meet up.  Also our communication outside of our meetings.  These two things kind of feed off each other.  I need to start contacting him more so I can do two things.  One: we could start meeting more so that I can become a better player.  Two: I can clarify what I need to bring or what we are learning that day and what we are specifically are doing so that I don’t bring everything.  Just the things I need.

P.S. I learned that my mentor is actually coaching this year.  I also learned that there is going to be two teams in my age group.  They are going to separate them equally.  My mentor is actually one of the coaches.  I really hoping that I end up on his team so that he can help with my play.