Inquiry Question: What is the Story of my family rings.


1. What type of source:  My ring presumably would be a primary source when answering my inquiry question, but it is not.  My ring is not the original family ring so it is only a secondary source.

2. Who created it:  They original ring was created by my aunt Wendy.  My ring was created from a mold to replicate the original.

3. When and where was it produced:  My ring was produced by the people who work at Peoples, the jewelry store.  It was produced during December and early January.


1. What other events or developments were happening when this source was created:  My 16th Birthday was coming up.

2. How might they have influenced the source:  It influenced when the source was made.  Once a girl turns 16 in my family they get a replica of the original ring.


1. What do you notice that is important about the source:  It isn’t dented.  This shows that I take really good care for it.  It is though starting to look a bit more worn out from wearing it a lot.

2. What is interesting:  On my ring there is the saying “For Always” in Spanish

3. What can’t you explain.  The vine design all around the ring.  I don’t know why my aunt chose to do this design, but it looks really nice.

Inferences about Perspective:

1. What groups might the creator have belonged to? Why do you think they made the source: If the ring was analysed or my family was analysed, people might infer that the woman in the Kennedy family are really close since we all wear one.

2. Who was the audience: The intended audience for the first batch of rings, were for my aunt and all her sisters.  Yet as time went by the rings got past down to their daughters.  So me and my cousins are now in the mix.

3. How might the background/values of the creator and audience have influenced this source: They influenced the creation of the rings very much.  My aunt was only discovered her family when she was 20.  So to go 20 years then meet 4 sisters she wanted to make something that represented them being together forever.  That is why she made the rings and why she had “For Always” put on them.

Inferences about inquiry question:

1. What can you learn from examining this source:  That my family is really close and well always be there for each other.

2. Does it help you answer your inquiry question:  It answers my inquiry question a bit.  Not to the fullest extent it could but it covers the basics.

3. Does it confirm, extend, or contradict what you know: It confirms what I know about my family.

4. What further questions do you have:  Why not include the males in family.  And if not what could the males in my family do to have some sort of thing that ties them together.

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