Christmas break D.O.L.

Well this Christmas break I was quite productive with my Zip project.  Because I was a bit behind schedule so I had two weeks to get back on track.  For the first week of break I dedicated that to finishing reading The Book Thief.  It work out perfectly because I had a three hour plane ride just to read.  During the next 6 days I spent every moment I could reading.  Luckily before the flight back I finished the book.  So the whole trip home was the time I worked on the review for it.  I stuck true to my opinions of the book and wrote and edited it on the plane.  I am really proud of my end product.  Yet I was not finished I still had to watch the movie.  As always I think the book is ten times better then the movie, but the movie was still pretty good.  Writing the review was a lot easier then writing the review for the book.  I think it was because I had already written a review of the story so I knew how to go about it.  It was also easier because I only  had to remember 2h 15min movie instead of recalling a book I had been written for over a week.

After I finished I felt a bit of relief wash over me.  Now all I have to do is to make a presentation and I am finished my second Zip project.

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