D.O.L. numero 1…… This is for ZIP

So this is my first document of learning for this year of zip.  The question I have chosen is:

What is a specific source of information that you have found valuable in answering your inquiry question?  How has it proved valuable?

to first answer this question I need to find a valuable source.  for me that is http://www.saidsimple.com/content/100887/.  It is a great first start in my journey to answering my question.  Right away it told me some differences I have to consider in writing a review about a book compared to writing a review on a movie.  It also told me what to look for in writing a review.  It also showed me how I need to compare the book/movie.  How to decide if it is good or bad.

Overall this cite is a really good first step on the ladder that is my ZIP project, and I look forward to learning more.  Until next time.

One thought on “D.O.L. numero 1…… This is for ZIP

  1. Megan,

    This looks like a wonderful overview of review writing. I look forward to hearing how you synthesize your findings in your next DOL! Please remember to read over your posts before submitting them for spelling and grammatical errors.

    Keep up the spirit of inquiry!

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