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This year I plan to study the art of writing a review.  Not only that but I will compare the way to write a book review to the way you write a film review.

The big question I am planning on answering is: What are the key aspects in writing a book review compared to a movie review?

I chose this because I really like reading so if I can tie that into writing English maybe a will have more motivation to work harder.  I also am really curious on how to right a review, and I am always more interested in something if I have no clue what it is and how to do it.  I guess you can say that my curiousity runs me around.

As you might have guess I know nothing when it comes to writing a review so I am really starting from ground zero and I get to see how far I will progress.  Which I think is really cool.  I hope I gain the ability to not only enhance my skills as a writer but also enhance my abilities to understand and comprehend books and films to the point where I can write a good review on them.

How I will try to understand the art of writing reviews for books and movies is to look at famous reviewers and their works.  Not only will they be one of the main sources of my research but I will also learn the how they write reviews and study the basic ideas of writing reviews from their works.

To demonstrate how to write a review; I will most likely give a brief lesson on the key aspects of writing a review of a book and the key aspects of writing a review for a movie.  After the lesson I would show the two reviews I plan on writing and get my class to find the different aspects of each review.  To finish my presentation they would have to guess what I rated the book and movie I am choosing to watch and read on a scale of a hundred.  If this is two long of a presentation, I could probably think of something else.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
2nd 3rd

Started working on my proposal post

4th 5th 6th

Finish My proposal Most


Research the basics of writing a review


Post my first D.O.L. on the basics of writing a review


Start looking at other reviews made by other people and analysing them.


Repeat day 9 + Dissect where the key aspects of writing a review are found


Research + comparing reviews to other reviews and what makes others better


Repeat day 11


Have a combination of day 10 and 11


Create My second D.O.L + start reading the book thief.  Take notes while reading + Write a review of each chapter.


Read Book + Take Notes + write a review for each chapter




Finish book and start to write a review


Finish review and start to watch the movie and start to write the review + take notes during the movie


Edit both reviews


start working out my presentation and start comparing my reviews.


D.O.L +  comparing my reviews + plan presentation


FInal touches of presentation

This is my plan for ZIP, and I think I can stick to it.  If I do stick to it I know I can do a great job.

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