Eminent take 2 – Document of Learning

In this document of learning I am going to talk about my story of Eminent.  So basically everything that happened but a summarized version.

So I have been thinking about who my eminent person was going to be right after I did eminent last year.  To summarize the next 10 months after my grade 9 eminent year, I had no clue.  Then the time for eminent came around again so my brain told myself, “come on Megan this is your last year do someone you are really interested in”.  My answer to my predicament, Google.  I literally googled influential women in mathematics.  That’s what lead me done the road to discovering my eminent person.  Now I chose a eminent person later then everyone else and the only thing I regret about that is that it gave me less of a chance to get an interview.  Other then that I was glad I chose later because if I didn’t I might have never done Lise Meitner.   Anyways my researching began and to start me of; I visited the Vancouver Public Library, again.  This time though I had a plan I wrote down every book I should get to research my eminent person.  I didn’t find any of them.  I did find some replacements though.  My biggest accomplishment of all is that I found an online version of the number one book I wanted to find.  I quickly started reading that right away.  I dedicated myself to finishing reading that book before I worked on my speech or my learning center.  That meant that I had to read fast.  I finished the book and now it was time to start working on my learning center and my speech.  Luckily for me I was keeping a list of things that I need to put in my learning center.  I also was keeping track of the many ideas I had for a speech.  I quickly narrowed it down to one thought and set off written until I was satisfied with my work.  Quicker then I expected it was the day of eminent.  I don’t know why but I wasn’t that nervous.  I think all my nerves hit be right after I finished my speech.  They fizzled out before I went to my learning center so that I was actual calm when people were talking to me.  I realized that I wasn’t even thinking about the answers to my questions I just knew them.  That definitely made my nerves disappear.  So that was my very brief story about eminent and everything I went through to get through eminent.  That concludes my document of Learning.

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