A 360 degree leader

During this past week, our class got to listen to John Maxwell’s How to be a 360 degree leader.   His observations of how to be a better leader were quite intriguing, particularly when he was talking about the many hats a leader has to take on.  While explaining this concept, that I think affected me the most, I realised how true this statement was.  I consider myself to be a leader and I was shocked when I realised how many hats that I have needed to put on to become a better leader.  For example during warmups I have to take on the hat of a positive attitude.  It is especially important to start a game with a positive attitude so I try to stay positive al throughout our warmup.  Although during the game I am more commanding.  I try to see everything on the court so when something goes wrong I know how to fix it.  I think having the ability to have many different hats to lead with is very important.   It is a useful skill because that way you can come across in many different manners that might be helpful.  This is why the concept of leaders having many different hats stuck with me.

D.O.L. #2

Well two weeks have gone bye and I can confidently say that I am doing much better then I was last year with keeping up with my ZIP project.  Although it is a much bigger struggle to work on my ZIP project at home then it is at school; I am still on track.  This last Friday, I read a lot of reviews for The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.  I thought this would be the right option because I have read the book and watched the movie.  This way I could actually understand the topics they were saying.  While reading the reviews, I took notes on the areas where the review was written and executed really well and the areas were it wasn’t.  I think this will be really helpful for me when I start to write my review because I can go back and make sure that I am doing everything right.

I have also starting reading the book thief.  I am taking notes for every chapter and writing a short analyses and summarization of the chapter.

So at my ZIP project looks like it will turn out fairly well.

D.O.L. numero 1…… This is for ZIP

So this is my first document of learning for this year of zip.  The question I have chosen is:

What is a specific source of information that you have found valuable in answering your inquiry question?  How has it proved valuable?

to first answer this question I need to find a valuable source.  for me that is http://www.saidsimple.com/content/100887/.  It is a great first start in my journey to answering my question.  Right away it told me some differences I have to consider in writing a review about a book compared to writing a review on a movie.  It also told me what to look for in writing a review.  It also showed me how I need to compare the book/movie.  How to decide if it is good or bad.

Overall this cite is a really good first step on the ladder that is my ZIP project, and I look forward to learning more.  Until next time.

Zip proposal

This year I plan to study the art of writing a review.  Not only that but I will compare the way to write a book review to the way you write a film review.

The big question I am planning on answering is: What are the key aspects in writing a book review compared to a movie review?

I chose this because I really like reading so if I can tie that into writing English maybe a will have more motivation to work harder.  I also am really curious on how to right a review, and I am always more interested in something if I have no clue what it is and how to do it.  I guess you can say that my curiousity runs me around.

As you might have guess I know nothing when it comes to writing a review so I am really starting from ground zero and I get to see how far I will progress.  Which I think is really cool.  I hope I gain the ability to not only enhance my skills as a writer but also enhance my abilities to understand and comprehend books and films to the point where I can write a good review on them.

How I will try to understand the art of writing reviews for books and movies is to look at famous reviewers and their works.  Not only will they be one of the main sources of my research but I will also learn the how they write reviews and study the basic ideas of writing reviews from their works.

To demonstrate how to write a review; I will most likely give a brief lesson on the key aspects of writing a review of a book and the key aspects of writing a review for a movie.  After the lesson I would show the two reviews I plan on writing and get my class to find the different aspects of each review.  To finish my presentation they would have to guess what I rated the book and movie I am choosing to watch and read on a scale of a hundred.  If this is two long of a presentation, I could probably think of something else.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
2nd 3rd

Started working on my proposal post

4th 5th 6th

Finish My proposal Most


Research the basics of writing a review


Post my first D.O.L. on the basics of writing a review


Start looking at other reviews made by other people and analysing them.


Repeat day 9 + Dissect where the key aspects of writing a review are found


Research + comparing reviews to other reviews and what makes others better


Repeat day 11


Have a combination of day 10 and 11


Create My second D.O.L + start reading the book thief.  Take notes while reading + Write a review of each chapter.


Read Book + Take Notes + write a review for each chapter




Finish book and start to write a review


Finish review and start to watch the movie and start to write the review + take notes during the movie


Edit both reviews


start working out my presentation and start comparing my reviews.


D.O.L +  comparing my reviews + plan presentation


FInal touches of presentation

This is my plan for ZIP, and I think I can stick to it.  If I do stick to it I know I can do a great job.

Eminent Take 2 – The End

Well here goes nothing.

I am in pure shock when I think that I don’t have to do eminent next year.  It is strange to think next year i’ll be watching eminent.  Anyways getting back to this year and everything I did, I honestly don’t know what or how to feel now that eminent is over.  I had so much fun during this project but I also am looking forward to some relaxation.

To start of my last post of eminent for the second year in a row, I will talk about my learning center.  I wish I had though of an idea ahead of when I did because I could’ve been way more extravaggant with my learning center.  As I mentioned last year, I love creating learning centers because I can express my creativity and go over the top with them.  This year instead of going over the top I focused on very small details.  I was being really meticulous with my learning center.  I picked a time period that it would be in and I tried to get everything I needed for it.  For example: I only showed people the work Lise Meitner published up to that date, I got a present that she gave to her friend after the date I set my seen in, and I also had suitcases to show this was around the time she left Germany.  Instead of blowing people away with my creativity, I decided to gain their attention with my precision.  Above all I really liked my learning center.

Another main component to Night of the Notables is the grade 10 speeches.  After last year I remember myself wondering how I was going to do this in a year and here I am already done it.  I wasn’t that nervous before I got up on the stage.  I maybe had a split second of doubt before I started talking.  Once I began my speech I was amazed how easily I fell into a trance like state.  I rehearsed my speech so much it was second nature to me.  Once I finished my speech though, my nerves decided to hat me and all come flying towards me as I left the stage.  I don’t know why but all the worry I had about my speech just hit me after I finished my speech.  I glad it hit me after instead of before.

Now to end off another year of eminent, I can say that I am very proud of myself and what I have accomplished.  I am so glad that I got the chance to do eminent and I cannot wait until next year to be in the audience instead of on the stage.  I will cherish every memory I made during this process.  I looked over the memories fondly and I will never forget the amazing time I had during both years of Eminent.

So I guess this is it.  I will never have to do eminent again.  Here goes nothing. This concludes Eminent take 2, the end.

Eminent Take 2 – Annotated Bibliography

Byers, Nina, and Gary Williams. Out of the Shadows: Contributions of Twentieth-Century Women to Physics. Cambridge University Press, 2010.

This book is where I first discovered Lise Meitner and her life story.  This book was super helpful because it first had a short summary to quickly read through before you had to decide if you wanted to keep reading.  It also had a bunch of other interesting female scientist to learn about.


This website was really helpful to catch my interest because it had a nice summary to capture my interest.  It was great starter because from this website I knew that I wanted to choose Lise Meitner as my eminent person.

McGrayne, Sharon Bertsch. Nobel Prize Women in Science: Their Lives, Struggles, and Momentous Discoveries. Joseph Henry Press, 2006.

Yes it is another book.  I found this book tremendously helpful because it went more deeper into her life story.  It explained with quite a lot of detail about her work: what she did and why she wasn’t recognized for it.


This is a link to the online version of a book.  I couldn’t find the book in the library so I read of the online version.  This book was my main source of information because it contained everything Lise Meitner went through, all the way from her childhood to the last bit of her years.  This book was so helpful in so many ways.  It was also a very interesting read.

Eminent take 2 – Document of Learning

In this document of learning I am going to talk about my story of Eminent.  So basically everything that happened but a summarized version.

So I have been thinking about who my eminent person was going to be right after I did eminent last year.  To summarize the next 10 months after my grade 9 eminent year, I had no clue.  Then the time for eminent came around again so my brain told myself, “come on Megan this is your last year do someone you are really interested in”.  My answer to my predicament, Google.  I literally googled influential women in mathematics.  That’s what lead me done the road to discovering my eminent person.  Now I chose a eminent person later then everyone else and the only thing I regret about that is that it gave me less of a chance to get an interview.  Other then that I was glad I chose later because if I didn’t I might have never done Lise Meitner.   Anyways my researching began and to start me of; I visited the Vancouver Public Library, again.  This time though I had a plan I wrote down every book I should get to research my eminent person.  I didn’t find any of them.  I did find some replacements though.  My biggest accomplishment of all is that I found an online version of the number one book I wanted to find.  I quickly started reading that right away.  I dedicated myself to finishing reading that book before I worked on my speech or my learning center.  That meant that I had to read fast.  I finished the book and now it was time to start working on my learning center and my speech.  Luckily for me I was keeping a list of things that I need to put in my learning center.  I also was keeping track of the many ideas I had for a speech.  I quickly narrowed it down to one thought and set off written until I was satisfied with my work.  Quicker then I expected it was the day of eminent.  I don’t know why but I wasn’t that nervous.  I think all my nerves hit be right after I finished my speech.  They fizzled out before I went to my learning center so that I was actual calm when people were talking to me.  I realized that I wasn’t even thinking about the answers to my questions I just knew them.  That definitely made my nerves disappear.  So that was my very brief story about eminent and everything I went through to get through eminent.  That concludes my document of Learning.