Eminent Take 2 – Speeches

To start this off, I am just going to say this a rough skeleton draft of my speech.  If you have read my previous blog post, you know that I am not that great at deciding things and I am always second guessing myself.  Well it’ not any different when I am thinking of how to write an eminent speech.  Anyways here is the main idea I have fore my eminent speech.

Intro/hook:  Talking to herself.  Struggling with a problem.  It might sound weird because she is/I am talking to myself

Start of rising action:  Questions why she is still doing this.

Rising Action:  Trying to answer the question, start listing the negative things that have happened to get to this point.  All the struggles she has faced.  The unfairness of it all.  Talk about going to school to be a French teacher before she was allowed in universities.

Climax:  Realising that she does love it.  It’s her passion.  Thin about all the good moment and experiences she has had.  All the things she has discovered.  All the joys

Conclusion: This is why I am still doing this.  Goes back to work on the problem.  This time with a smile.

This might not seem like much but to me it’s perfect.  I also have a couple of other speech ideas in my head so hopefully I can wright a couple of different speeches and see what I like best.  Out of all the different ideas I have gong on in my head, I definitely like this one the best so far.  I think it is because the way I formatted I; it allows be to show all the hardships she has been through and it also lets me show everyone why she this is her passion.  If I really get stuck and the speech does not turn out as great as I think it will, I can always change it.  For now I am going to stick with this outline though.

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