3 Wise Nugs

On a totally separate note, I’m I the only one who reads this to the tune of hot cross buns.

Anyways, to get back to the interview.  I have thought of 3 wise nugs to share, about my interview.

1 – Think of a lot of questions.  You would be surprised on how quickly the interview goes bye.  I had 10 questions and the interview was done in 15 minutes.  Maybe a bit more.

2 – Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  It might sound silly but if you are afraid to ask certain questions don’t be.  The person you are interviewing, at least for me, is very understanding if you are confused.

3 – You do not need to record the interview.  If you have something to take notes on, you can take notes.  I find it better to take notes because you can put them in your own words.

Overall I really enjoyed the interview experience.  I also think it will help me for future interviews.

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