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It is that time of the year again, Eminent.  Which means Night of the Notables are right around the corner and interview emails are being sent out constantly.  Before all of this happens there is one thing each and every TALON student has to do.  Pick an Eminent person (insert dramatic music here).

When thinking of possible eminent people there is always an internal debate going on in my head.  It is hard for me to choose just one person. I am very scared that I will get halfway through researching my eminent person and then find someone who fits my description of an eminent person better.  Although despite everything this is what kind of happened to me.  Before going to the library trip I had though of a person: Mary Cartwright.  So of course when we got to the library that is who I researched.  During that research I found a book.  This book contained many female physicist that had done many incredible things.  This is where I found my eminent person: Lise Meitner.

When I started reading about Lise Meitner, I realised that this was my eminent person right away.  I quickly found out how amazing she is and all the things she has contributed to the world.  These things may have a contributing factor for why she is my eminent person but none of them is the main reason why I chose her.  The main reason I chose Lise Meitner as my eminent person is because she deserves to be talked about.  Everyone should know her story and I want to tell it to them.  I want to be able to portray just how incredible and brilliant she is.  I want to share every struggle she went through and to show the world just how strong she is.  This is why I chose her as my eminent person.  When I am reading about her the thought of someone that might be better as an eminent person never crosses my mind.

There isn’t that many similarities between us.  Although she was a physicist and I want to study mathematics.  She was born into a big family,  and I was born into a family that might be considered big but compared to hers in is pretty small.  When she was a child school stopped at the age of 14 for girls, so she then prepared herself to become a French teacher.  As I looked toward a future profession I would like to have teaching has crossed my mind.  I also think it would be fun to learn French as I am already in French 10 and hopefully I will continue to study it to French 12.  If you look close enough you can find similarities but you can also find differences.  She lived in a different century a different country and on a different continent.  That is what will probably be the hardest part of my eminent person study.  I have to remember that there was a lot more struggles for females in science in the early 1900’s.  I also will never know what is like to live through WW1 and WW2.  I have to take in all of these facts when I am creating a speech, making a learning center, and whenever I am researching about her.

Even with all the differences between Lise Meitner and myself I still want to have her as my eminent person with all my heart.  I hope that I can tell everybody about everything she has done and all the wonderful things she has accomplished in her life.  I am really glad that I chose her because I feel a lot more passionate about her being my eminent person then my last year eminent person. Charles Darwin.  I think it’s because I can discover a lot more things about that I don’t know yet.  Last year I has already done a project on Charles Darwin Before, but now I get to start from scratch and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I am really ready for excited for this eminent project so here goes, Eminent take 2

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