Blog Response #3 – Harrison Bergeron

There are two mediums in which Kurt Vonnegut’s story “Harrison Bergeron” is portrayed.  One is Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron”, the other is the film adaption “2081”.  The film did an excellent job depicting the story, but reading the story you can come to a better understand of this dystopian future and the characters within it.  During the film you cannot really understand what the father is thinking about.  The film doesn’t quite show how challenging the handicaps are to deal with.  In the story, you can obviously see how hard it is to deal with the handicaps.  In the story it clearly shows how you cannot continue a thought for more than twenty seconds with a mental handicap.  Also in the movie it did not feel as if everyone was equal.  When watching the ballerina’s in the film they looked graceful and better than the average human.  In the story it tells you that the ballerina’s weren’t better than anyone else who would have tried.  With the film all the masks were the same, rather than the story where there were uglier masks than others.  When comparing these two mediums, I think the story did a better job showing the struggles that people go through with handicaps on then the film. 

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