There is a bunch of synonyms for exhuasted. Well instead of using one of them, I wrote a paragraph instead.

Telling Sentence:  I am exhausted

Descriptive Paragraph:

I have this feeling.  It is a feeling that every last bit of energy I have within my body has now disappeared.  I can barely lift my arms, drag my legs and move my thoughts through my head.  I can’t even complain, for that would take me opening my mouth.  All I am thinking about is closing my eyes and shutting the world out of my mind.  I am just waiting for the moment where I can sink into my own personal pit of silence, where a cocoon of warmth and comfort awaits me.  This place is something I so desperately want and need right now.  The problem is it would take moving to get me there, and moving is something I don’t want to do, I don’t even think I can.

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