Scene # 1 of IDNS –

“Let’s have a vote.”(page 23)  The four words that decided how everyone was going to view Ralph, yet they weren’t even said by him.  “I’m chief then.”(page 24)  It was decided then, after a vote, he was going to lead this group of boys until rescue came.  I feel Ralph handled this scene extremely well.  He didn’t really get to say if he wanted to lead or not.  He did want to be the chief, but he didn’t really show it.  He tried to remain impartial; for he was not the only one who wanted to be chief.  Instead of making a huge deal over it he left it up to the group to decide who they wanted.  It also shows how his outside appearance made people look up to him more.  The group of boys only knew him for a couple of minutes and yet they trusted him to lead the group.  This shows that people do judge a book by it’s cover; who knows whether or not Ralph is a good leader.  What I think shows that he might make a great leader is how he let the group decide who was going to be chief.  I feel this is a very admirable thing to do, I probably would have done the same thing.  Letting the group decide is way better then forcing yourself to be leader.  When you become leader because of a majority vote then you know you have earned there trust.  In my eyes it was the responsible thing to do in that situation.  Hopefully he keeps being responsible and can be a good chief.

There is a bunch of synonyms for exhuasted. Well instead of using one of them, I wrote a paragraph instead.

Telling Sentence:  I am exhausted

Descriptive Paragraph:

I have this feeling.  It is a feeling that every last bit of energy I have within my body has now disappeared.  I can barely lift my arms, drag my legs and move my thoughts through my head.  I can’t even complain, for that would take me opening my mouth.  All I am thinking about is closing my eyes and shutting the world out of my mind.  I am just waiting for the moment where I can sink into my own personal pit of silence, where a cocoon of warmth and comfort awaits me.  This place is something I so desperately want and need right now.  The problem is it would take moving to get me there, and moving is something I don’t want to do, I don’t even think I can.