Number 5

I can’t believe it is pretty much April, time flies by so fast.

Right now my In-Depth project is going extremely well.  I am learning so much, the last meeting I had with my mentor was awesome, it was kind of in two parts really.  The first part we went outside a went to a park and took some photos while we walked around.  Now this park that we went to is really cool because it’s for deer, you usually see a couple of deer in it.  I have been to it before and we did see deer, but unfortunately there were no deer or even rabbits we usually are all over that place.  The second part we went inside and she downloaded some photos onto her computer, from there on she taught me how to use Light room, which was awesome because you can do so many different things with Light room.

For the first half of our meeting i didn’t record it because we were outside and you couldn’t really tell when conversation was going to happen, for the most part while we were outside it was silent or just talking about random things.  Although I do remember a lot of the conversations I had with her so I will be adding some quoted from when we went outside.  Most of the conversations I had with my mentor were when she was showing me what I could do with Light room and how I could tweak my photos.  I will be showing you the different kind of hats that were used in the conversation by inserting quotes and snippets of our conversation.

Lets start of with the White hat.  Most of the second half of or meeting was the White hat.  After all she was teaching about something I didn’t know.  She basically taught me how to change colouring/contrast/temperature/highlights/exposure/shadows and the better ways to crop the photos.  When we were working with the colour and all those other things

Next is the Red hat.  Whenever we are looking at my photos or her photos or anyone photos one of the big things she says to me is “what does it make you feel”.  This time around she showed me how you can use Light room to change your feeling for a photo.  “One of the ways you can change how you feel with a photo is by changing the temperature of the photo”.  Temperature is something you can change say you had a photo that had a lot of cooler colours you can turn the temperature up to enhance the warmer colours to make to more of a warmer photo.  When you do this is completely changes the emotions of the photo.

Now onto the Black hat.  This hat came into affect during the end of the second half of our meeting.  At the end she would ask me “Megan what should you do to fix the photo”.  It was kind of like a quiz on how much did I remember of what she taught me and usually I had to think about it for a little bit but then I knew what to do and most of the time it was the same thing she would do.  Another thing she asked a lot was “What is wrong with the photo?”, I learned two months ago what you should do while taking a photo and what you shouldn’t.  I be getting better and it and most of the time i know right when i see it what i did wrong.

Number four is the Yellow.  This hat also appeared frequently in the meeting, especially when we were working on editing the photos we took.  “I like to enhance the exposure and the darkness of the photo.”  This is something my mentor does quite frequently and it works beautifully.  There all other features of Light room that make the photos look so much better.  “Now the photo is ok now, but when you do this it’s a much better photo.”  When she was telling me this she was cropping one of my photos to make it look so much better.  It amazes me how one of the simplest of things can make such a better photo.

Next is the (drumroll inserted here) the Green hat.  This is my favourite hat for two reasons, the first is because it’s green the second is because it’s creativity.  I pretty much had this hat on the whole entire first half of my mentor session.  I like to think outside of the box I’m not even sure I have even seen the box and it is the same when I am taking photos I get as creative as I can and it can be anything from the way I am standing to how the main focus is located in my photo.

Last but not least is the Blue hat.  At the start of the session she told me “For today I was thinking that we could go out and take some photos and then come back and I could show you how you can edit them on Light room.”  This is one of my favourite things about my mentor, among a lot of others, she is like me when it come to planning about what we are going to do.  Learn is a general path to take but we are able to stray from the path but still we are heading in the same direction.  “We can go to deer park(the park we went to) or we could go to this park you’ve never been at before.” I love how she lets me pick some of the stuff that we are doing.

I can’t wait for our next meeting, I know it’s going to me as amazing as this one and probably even better.