1 done, 2 through, 3rd gone like a bird, onto number 4 and I can’t wait for more

So in the span of 2 weeks I have had two different mentor meetings so I am just going to combine them into one post.  The first meeting we talked about aperture and shutter speed and other words that I had no idea they existed.  She talked to me about what they were used for and how they worked.  She even showed me a photographer who used these two components in taking photos so amazingly well.  The photographer that we discussed was Ansel Adams and his photos are just breathtaking.  They are so incredibly detailed.  Aperture is measured in f-stops and the lower the number the more light you let in, the higher the number the less light you let in.  Well Ansel Adams took photos with a very high f-stop, meaning he let in very low amounts of light.  What he did do was let the camera look at what it was shooting for a long time.  This let more light to travel into the camera.  This made the photos be absolutely beautiful and so detailed.  The second meeting we discussed more about other photographers and there styles, what they did differently, and what photography was like when they were taking photos.  I found that so fascinating, all of these photographers were just amazing and so talented.  The whole time she was talking I was just in awe because the photos that she was showing me were just something else I can’t even explain it, they were amazing.  At the end I just had a whole different point of view of what photography is.

After just these past 2 weeks my point of view on photography has changed so much. I thought of photography as a way to capture perfection in the world. Sure some photos are that, but after this little bit I have realized that most photos tell a story somehow or pull you into the photo and leave you wanting more.  Another opinion that has changed for me is that I used to think you took pictures of objects.  Now I realize you take photos of light and the way light moves or how it forms around object.  After just 2 weeks I have learned so much and in so many different ways.  I have learned more about photography by taking photos, looking at other photos and wondering how they did it and starting to understand how they took that photo and listening to my mentor when she explains everything to me.

If I had to choose one DeBono technique I use the most it would probably be listening attentively.  This is something I just do automatically, especially when people are talking about something I am interested in.  For example in my mentor meeting I find it impossibly to focus on anything else other all I do is focus on what my mentor is saying.  If you gave me job to not listen to my mentor even for a minute, I do not think i could do it.  I just find everything so useful and helpful and to drawn in to what she is saying then to pay attention to anything else that is going around me.

So far I am so exciting for what going to happen next and if it is anything like these last couple of weeks I know I am going to enjoy it so much more.