post number 3

If i could use one word to describe my meeting with my mentor, it would be awesome.  I do not think I stop smiling during it.  Everything she said and did just made me so excited for how the rest of my In Depth project will be.

So for this meeting we talked about composition.  At the start I had no idea what that meant.  After explaining what it is to me what it was.  She had a power presentation explaining the different types of composition and what looks good to the human eye.  This was really helpful to me, I understood it way more and I now know what techniques I should use int he future.  Afterward we looked over my past photos I have taken.  I sent her my photos I took last year.  Last year I had to do a passion project and I did Photography but I really didn’t learn anything so the photos I took last year weren’t the best.  So we looked through all the photos I took.  With every photo she explained what I could have done to make it better.  With some of the photos she even explained why she liked them so much and what I did right.  At the end I was starting to point out what I did wrong and I was so happy because now I starting to understand composition and i Can use it for the photos to come.

At the end of the meeting she gave me an assignment to do.  Take photos using composition.  Although I am not allowed to take anymore photos with the sun in it because I took way to many of those last year.  So far that assignment is going really well I have taken plenty of photos. and i really can’t wait to show them to her during our next meeting.