In-Depth #1 (I can’t think of a clever name(sorry))

Well I made it this far, I can’t back down now.  So here goes my first blog about the one the only In-Depth project.

For this project I have chosen Photography.  Now I did do a project on photography last year, and I really had a lot of fun and wanted to do it again.  I loved taking photos, It’s like a mini time traveling machine to when you took the photo, And it’s kind of amazing how you can capture a moment in time with just a press of a button.  Last year I focussed more on taking photos of nature.  This year I am focusing more on people.  I really nervous because I don’t really like taking photos of people and i would rather be outside away from them, but it’s always nice to step outside your comfort zone.  That’s what In-Depth is about right.  Trying something new you haven’t done before.  Even though I am really nervous I am also really exciting.  I get to learn something that I am interested in.

My mentor for this project is my aunt Susan Rybar.  She is an extremely talented photographer and has been published numerous times and has taken many photos of different events.  I am really looking forward to her mentoring me because when I first emailed her about the idea she was so excited and came up with a bunch of things that we could do together.  She has done this party with a bunch of photographers and they shared some photos that they taken.  She was thinking that I could come with her to one of those parties and she could introduce to me to everybody.  It would give me a chance to learn from different photographers as well as her.

I am so scared for the next five months but I am also really excited.  I can’t wait to show what I have learned during this five months.

Till next time.

One thought on “In-Depth #1 (I can’t think of a clever name(sorry))

  1. When is you first meeting with your mentor? What do you already know about photography and cameras? Give us more details. Enjoy the experience.

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