In-Depth #2 (slowly but surely)

Slowly but surely getting through In-Depth right, 3 weeks have already gone by.

During the past 2 weeks I had my first meeting with my mentor.  To summarize the meeting it was amazing.  The whole time I was talking to her, I was smiling.  It was just so amazing.  We sorted out the things I would be focussing in on.  As we went through the meeting we discussed other things like how long should we be meeting and how she could introduce me to other photographers.  Then we discussed all the things that she will be teaching me and in what order.  She asked some questions that I answered, and I asked some questions that she answered.  Overtime i was confused about something I would ask her to clarify and same goes for the opposite way around.  When there was something to work out we had a solution a minute later, or when we had a disagreement on something we would discuss a better route to something we can both agree on.

After we worked out all the kinks in this project she started talking about what kind of ways she could teach me.  She listed a bunch of ideas on how she could mentor me.  All her ideas were amazing and I wanted to do all of them right away.  Sadly I couldn’t do them all at once, so I started out small.  My first assignment was to send her photos I have taken so she can see my skill level is now.  Another thing I had to do was see if I could get skip on my laptop.  The last thing I had to do was find a photographer that has a style that i really like.

So after my first meeting with my mentor I seriously cannot wait for the rest of my In-Depth project.  Hopefully it goes a smoothly as my first meeting.

Social Final! a copy of the midterm


Hamilton                 French Revolution

1              4                  1                2

1-Emerging ideas and ideologues profoundly influence by societies and events

2-The physical environment influences the nature of political, social and economic change

3-Disparities in power alter the balance of the relationship between individuals and between societies

4-Collective identity is constructed and can change over time

Wow I can’t believe it’s the middle of the year already. Anyways to be honest socials has never been my best subject. I especially enjoy learning about politics with trump. Come on of course I had to include him some way. Getting back on track. Everything we learned we did it in a different way. Which made it easier to learn this stuff because I really was interested in it.

If you read my midterm I am following that format where I choose a big idea that connects both subjects I am talking about and from those subjects I have big ideas connecting off of that

To get us started I have numbered all the big ideas in numbers. 1-Emerging ideas and ideologies profoundly influence by society and events, 2-The physical environment influences the nature of political, social and economical change, 3-Dispairities in power alter the balance of the relationships between individuals and between societies, 4-Collective identity is constructed and can change over time. The big Idea that connected to all of them at the start is drumroll please even though you can totally see it on the screen. Lucky number 3. I chose this because it is pretty much the description of why people should have a revolution and the last two units are about revolution.   You got one side that has a lot of power and life’s going great for them (royalist) and on the other hand you got the side that doesn’t have power and would like some so that they can have a say on how they run things because things aren’t going well for them. Thus splitting a country into two or a it more then two if you count radicals and non radical who are also the enemy. And if you don’t know that I am talking about the French revolution where were you for the past 1-2 weeks. Before the French revolution there was the American Revolution, which is a bit different yet, similar. Many people are upset because the person who has the most power is so far away Everyone at this time has had enough because they don’t get a say on how the country is run and they can’t exactly talk to the king because he is across the sea. Thus the American Experiment. Well look how it’s turned out, trumps president.

Connecting off of Hamilton is #1 & 4. Lets start with number 1; the emerging idea in this case is America in itself.   They were one of the first countries in that time to completely build their government from scratch. They had no other country to base this off of. This experiment set of the fire so other countries could follow in their footsteps.

The second branch is #4. This one of literally a biases off of Hamilton himself because his enemies destroyed his reputation when he died and not a lot of people knew what he did then boom the play comes out and a lot more people know about Hamilton including me who is really obsessed.

Know to backtrack a little let’s look at the branches off of the French revolution you have got #1 & 2. Lets start off with #2.

The crops were failing in France, which caused bread prices to skyrocket, which made the people upset which made the people think that the king and queen were hoarding all that grain. The outside environment was one of the big sparks that set of the Canon that was the French revolution.

Last but not least #1 besides the revolution another thing is the Guillotine because it was also another emerging idea. It completely changed the way people were being executed know what I am wondering if that affected how many people were being executed.

Know on to stars and wishes.  I am going to do wishes first so I can end n a semi decent note.



Before the midterm some of my blog post had some perspective but it has become less and less perspective as the term has progress when it should be going in a different direction. I definitely need to work on this next year.

Social Studies Inquiry Process

I not that great at asking question and my question aren’t great ones when I do ask them, this is something I really should improve on.

Continuity and change

I don’t really explain my thoughts on continuity and change that much compared to other areas.


Ethical Judgment

I try to be on the side that is good. And I believe that I am on that side for the most part.


I do think I execute this area well because I like to believe that I offer a lot of evidence for whatever I am saying. And how I am saying it.


I enjoy and hopefully do a good job assessing the importance of place people and things. And show that through what I am saying

After this year I am really looking forward to next year because we are going to learn more about Canada, which sadly means less Hamilton but also hopefully less trump but to be honest there is always going to be trump

In-Depth #1 (I can’t think of a clever name(sorry))

Well I made it this far, I can’t back down now.  So here goes my first blog about the one the only In-Depth project.

For this project I have chosen Photography.  Now I did do a project on photography last year, and I really had a lot of fun and wanted to do it again.  I loved taking photos, It’s like a mini time traveling machine to when you took the photo, And it’s kind of amazing how you can capture a moment in time with just a press of a button.  Last year I focussed more on taking photos of nature.  This year I am focusing more on people.  I really nervous because I don’t really like taking photos of people and i would rather be outside away from them, but it’s always nice to step outside your comfort zone.  That’s what In-Depth is about right.  Trying something new you haven’t done before.  Even though I am really nervous I am also really exciting.  I get to learn something that I am interested in.

My mentor for this project is my aunt Susan Rybar.  She is an extremely talented photographer and has been published numerous times and has taken many photos of different events.  I am really looking forward to her mentoring me because when I first emailed her about the idea she was so excited and came up with a bunch of things that we could do together.  She has done this party with a bunch of photographers and they shared some photos that they taken.  She was thinking that I could come with her to one of those parties and she could introduce to me to everybody.  It would give me a chance to learn from different photographers as well as her.

I am so scared for the next five months but I am also really excited.  I can’t wait to show what I have learned during this five months.

Till next time.

Me, myself and I

Let me formally introduce myself, I am Henri Sanson de Longval.

I come from a long line of Sansons.  Families like mine are called Les Bourreaux (the Executioners).  Which means that your whole family is executioners.

I was born in Paris on February 15 1739.  Sure its good to be born in a stable family but I have always hated the fact that my family are Bourreaux.  Being born into a Bourreaux family means that schools refused to admit me and I would have to live on the outside of the city limits.  The Church would refused to marry me unless I was marring another person from a Bourreaux family.

I was an apprentice to my father because no one else wanted to me my mentor.  My fathers name is Jean-Babiste.  Learning from the best right.  After that I became the “Royal Executioner of France” on December 26 1776.  It was a well paying job and all but I hated it.

I am a good supporter of the revolution because I have hopes that afterward I do not have to kill anymore people, or that much more people at least.  I also am sick and tired of how the monarchs rule over because I only get paid if the royals want to kill someone.

So that a brief overview of me, myself and I.

Its meant to be a Tree

You can do the best you can in life but you can’t control how history sees you.


I am trying to upload a photo of my map but my computer is being annoying and only letting me upload the photo if its upside down.  I will edit this post once i have figured out a way to post this photo right side up

Just go with me and say that my map is suppose to be a tree because it should be a tree.  I tried to make it look as close to tree like as possible.

My theme statement is coming out of the “stump”.  There is three “branches” coming out of the stump.  The branches are named history has it’s eyes on you, who lives who dies who tells the story and last but not least legacy.  and then this branches have smaller branches coming out of that.  seriously i really id try to make it as close to tree like as possible.

Lets go to the branches.  First is Legacy.  Legacy is talked about a lot in this musical.  It is in most of the songs and its sang about a lot.  Just listen to practically any song and you can somehow tie it to legacy in someway.  One of things Hamilton was known for is that he was non-stop.  He never stopped writing or working.  He just kept going.  two songs that are tied to legacy are The World was Wide Enough and My Shot and in my eyes they somewhat go together.  In The World was Wide Enough, Hamilton is worried that this bullet will be his legacy.  In My shot the phrase “I am not throwing away my shot” gets repeated a lot, but in The World was Wide Enough thats exactly does he throws away hi shot.  The last small branch is What type of legacy do you leave.  Which is very important and based on what you do in life.

Next branch is History has its eyes on you.

One of the sub branches is How lucky we are to be alive right now.  Which is true, since Hamilton is born in this time he gets to make a difference in this world.  Another sub branch is everyone is watching you which is kind of a creepy sentence but if you think about it.  The American Revolution made so that they were building a whole country by scratch.  Everyone was watching them because it never had been done before it was a completely new thing.  Two other songs that relate to this topic is Alexander Hamilton and  History has its eyes on you.  The second one is really self explanatory.  Alexander Hamilton is related to history has its eyes on you because Alexander Hamilton was pretty much a whole recap on his life and how he goes down in history.

finally the last is Who lives who dies who tells your story and who get a lot more branches off this branch.  It very hard to control who rights your story because you have met so many people in your life and you have impacted so many different peoples life.  In the musical you get to meet everyone who played a part in writing Hamiltons story.  Another subsequent branch on the bigger branch is you can’t control when you are going to die.  This is important because a bunch of people out lived Hamilton especially those in the area of not exactly friends with him.  So they got to dictate how much the world was going to hear about him and what they were going to here about him.  The last smaller branch is the actual song who lives who dies who tells your story.  This song is so moving because most people who had a part in telling Hamiltons story sang in this song.

You don’t know how your legacy is going to look in the future.  You don’t know what history will think about you.  You don’t know who is going to right your story.   So make the best of your life so when you look back at the things you have done, you are happy with them.  You think you did the best you could in life because thats all we can ever do.

Just to add one more thing.  I learning about Hamilton by listening to Hamilton.  All the songs were amazing and they will forever be in my brain and thats a good thing.  All of them are so so so so so so so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!