Ten Duel Commandments

The “ten Duel Commandments” is mostly for letting the audience know how a duel works because there a three duels in this play and two are really important.  The song goes through the ten things you have to do before you start the duel.  The song begins as Lauren one of Hamiltons closest friends challenges Lee to a duel.  Which is the first thing you do on the ten duel commandments.  Then it goes through the rest and I will explain that quickly.

The second commandment is to get a second.  This is someone who will speak to your opponents second so that you and your opponent don’t have to come face to face until the duel.  You second is usually someone you trust and is someone who you are close with.

The third commandment is getting you seconds to meet face to face.  This is to negotiate a peace between them or to set a time and a place to do the duel.

If you continue on past the third step the next one is to get a doctor.  This is so you have a better chance of living.  When the duel is happening the doctor turns around so he can have deniability.

Number five is to duel before sunrise.  You do this because duelling is illegal and there is a better chance of you getting away with it in the morning.  This also stops you from having sunlight directly in your eye.

The seventh commandment is to leave a note for your next of kin.  You do this so that they know what you are doing/did and where you are doing it.  This is incase you die.

Number eight is kind of the last time to negotiate.

The ninth commandment is to look him in the eye aim no higher.

The last one number ten.  Count ten faces in opposite direction and shoot.


I relate this song to mostly the big idea of how the physical enviroment influences the nature of political, social and economical change.  I thought so because there is a line in the song where it like ‘pick a place to die where it’s high and dry”.  You also should have the duel before the sunrise.  All these things can contribute to who lives and who dies.

If you are looking at the content area side of thing this is really a big local, regional  and global conflict.  Well it’s more local and regional.  Not only the duel between Lauren and Lee, but also the kind of firemen relationship Hamilton has with Burr.


Some things that stood out to me were the fact that were sirens in the background of the song.  They kind get you amped up and you know something is going to happen.  I also really like that Hamilton also continues with the Aaron Burr, sir thing.  Personally I love it.  In the song it says that most disputes die and none shoots yet in all three of the duels someone shoots.  And to end us off I love how this song is on the shorter side because it more of a informative song, but it keeps all the points short and I just love the Song as a whole.

Midterm!!! halfway through the semester already?

  • 1-Emerging ideas and ideologues profoundly influence societies and events
  • 2-The physical environment influences the nature of political, social and economic change.
  • 3-Disparities in power alter the balance of relationships between individuals and between societies
  • 4-Collective identity is constructed and can change over time


Columbus                                                       Donald Trump

4                   2                                                               2

English Civil War                                            Social cycles

3               4                                                            2


Charles Darwin



1- Columbus was the supposedly first person to arrive in South America. Therefore he himself was the emerging idea. And he definitely changed society and events with everything he did over in South America. For example when he arrived he made them his slaves and that changed society over there.

2-Columbus believed that there would be lots of gold in this new place so he to make people go out and get him some gold he created a political social and economical change

4-The world did not learn what Columbus had done until 50 years ago.

English Civil War

1-Charles 1 idea of what everyone should believe in and the pamphlet he made influenced the Scottish to go against him because they believed in a different belief system

3-when Charles 1 was in charge he split the United Kingdom into two the ones with him and the ones against him

4- Depending on how you look at it or whom you heard about it from you might think of Charles 1 in a different way then other people do. If you have enough people to convince you to think of him in a different way 

Charles Darwin

1-The origin of species just completely changed society and events because it was going against the church and no one goes against the church. It was debated by so many people and in so many different places.

2- the physical environment made it possible for Charles Darwin to research and write all his books. These books change society especially the Origin of Species that changed the way people look at the world now and every book he wrote affected the scientific community.

Social cycles

1- when something new comes along like the printing press it creates a technological revolution, which triggers the rest of the cycle

2- when someone discovers something new like Columbus it usually starts some kind of revolution in that case it was a social one

Donald Trump

1- Donald trump in himself is the emerging idea. He was running for president and he didn’t have that much experience. Now he will be the next president. From that position he can change society and events he could also start a political, economical or social revolution

2- With everyone having some form of technology these days people could look at what Donald Trump was posting on his twitter and what promises he was making on his social media. It was also easier for people do watch the presidential debates.

3-When Donald Trump was elected President a lot of people disagree with that and a lot of people agreed and from that there as been some fighting and some picket lines and even someone has been raising money to get a revote for some states.



In socials I do a good job at addressing the importance of people and places. I also look at the historical impact people had on the world in all different areas.


In all my projects to do with social studies I feel like I provide a lot of evidence that is supported my good sources.

-Ethical Judgments

My ethical judgment is very well shown in everything I do and say. I also say what’s on my mind a share it with the class in-group discussions.


-Social Studies Inquiry Process

I do not think that I ask questions; gathers, interprets, and analyze to the fullest extent that I could. This is definitely something that I should work on.

-Continuity and Change

I could have work better on the parts that contain continuity and change or at least I could have work harder on those parts.


In some of the research projects or blog post I have had some perspective but I don’t have perspective in all of them. This is something I definitely have to work on.