Well this is the last one.  My last Eminent post, for 2016.  I got a whole year to think about what I am going to do next year.  Yeah!!!!!

To start off i am going to tell you about my favourite part of Eminent, the learning centre.  It’s my favourite because I got to make up the whole thing.  I got to decide what I was doing and I got to show my knowledge on Charles Darwin.  I loved telling everyone about him.  I was a little bit nervous at the start, I didn’t know what to tell people and I didn’t know what people were going to ask me.  Once someone talked to me it all melted away.  I actually felt like i was talking to much.  I Just kept going because I wanted them to see how much I loved researching about him.

Ok know to talk about what was actually in my learning centre.  To start of I had a small img_4005big desk.  Its like those big desk in the science room except it one of the smaller ones.  Sorry if this if confusing to anyone.  On the small big desk I had a Model of the galapagos.
I made it out of newspaper, glue, water and flour.  I am particularly proud of this one not only did it take me about four hours to complete it actually turned out descent.  I am also proud of myself because I was only suppose to do it if I had enough time, translation if I didn’t procrastinate with the other things I had to do and i didn’t so I am really happy about that.  You might ask why Galapagos well that where all these theories began for him.  There is even a mountain/hill named after him there.

On top of the galapagos islands where a bunch of TORTOISES!  9 to be exact.

img_4006Why tortoises well when he visited the galapagos he got to explore the Island so he started studying the animals there one of which was tortoises.  They were so big he actually got to ride one.  On the tortoises were all designs to make them look like tortoises and on the other side of them I had interesting facts I had learned about Charles from the book Charles Darwin his life and times.  The interesting facts were the pink stickies, but i will talk about that later.  I also had numbers on them just incase someone couldn’t read my writing and i couldn’t read it either (it has happened before).  I had a list of all the investing facts on a sheet nearby.  Always prepared right.  I also had some tortoises hanging from the ceiling.  The also included facts and had numbers on them but I had them on the ceiling instead.  Yuwen suggested to me that I arranged them in a way so that there is a string of four in the middle then a string of three on both sides of the four string then two then one, and that’s what I did I just arranged them in a right angle, so thank you Yuwen.

The next thing I had for my display was the sign Charles Darwin.  I cut out this cardboardy type of material into the shape of the boat he went on for the five year on trip the H.M.S. Beagle.

Then I try to paint it the colour of the boat he actually went on and I think I got pretty close.  I also painted his name on the boat with black paint but I kind of messed up instead of writing Charles Darwin, I wrote Charles Darles.  So at the end of Darwin there is a darker patch on the boat and that was because I try to paint over the les, but it didn’t turn out that great.

Last but not let i had the Map of the world taped up above the small big table.

img_4004On the map there was a bunch of city names on the cardboardy type material taped up on the map.  Well each city was a place he visited on his five year journey it also has when he visited and when he left.  If you flipped the cardboardy material over you could see a number and that was the number of the placed he visited.  For example if you flipped Cape Verde islands over you could see a number one because that was the fist place he visited.

To top it all of I had the book Charles Darwin his life and times right in front and centre.

It also covered the sheet that had all of the facts on it.


The next big part of Eminent is the speech which I was really stressed for.  One thing was writing it. Which was hard This has never happened to me before but I kept getting way over the time limit.  Although it was really easy to research what i am going to say because of the book and all my stickies.  I knew they would be good for something.  It was really easy to research because of the system of the stickies.  Red was question, orange was important people, yellow was eminence, green was scientific facts, blue important dates, purple is religion and places and pink is interesting facts.    The other thing was presenting it.  That’s the hard part. I have never been the best at public speaking I never feel comfortable doing it.  I try to compensate by making it funny and weird, but it’s just so hard for me to stand up there.  Before i had to go was so hard just sitting there waiting, watching and more waiting.  It especially hard because everyone is so amazing so I just had to sit there watching them and stressing myself more and more.  Especially when I walked up to present I was so shaky.  Once I started I was still shaking and after I presented I was still shaky.  It took me a while for me to calm down.

Over all I did enjoy eminent.  At first I was worried I picked the wrong eminent person but after the first day of research all the worries melted away.  Everyone that knows me knows once i start reading a book I cannot put it down.  It was perfect to because I started researching Charles when I finished the first Harry Potter book.  So I had to finish the book before I read Harry Potter.  So I really did enjoy Eminent and I am really excited for next year.



Interview Completed…. not really.

I am kind of confused with what I am supposed to write for my interview post so bear with me.

Once I picked Charles Darwin I knew that someone has done him in the past four years.  So Mr. Jackson emailed him for me.  After that me and Tori had a perfect plan because she was going to interview our Grade five teacher Mr.Tjosvold so I emailed our Grade eight teacher Mrs.Hughes to see if I could interview her on the same day so we could visit our Middle school together.  Sadly she couldn’t then.  I then emailed her if she had any other free times that I could Interview her.  She still didn’t answer.  I emailed her one more time to to ask if I could email her the questions i had for her.  No answer.  It looked like i had no hope for an interview but then Mr.Jackson said the previous guy to do Charles Darwin responded to his email and that he would email me about the interview.  But I did’t receive any email.  My theory is that my Computer hates me and if the email has anything to due with a Interview it does not let any of them through.  But that’s just my theory.

So thats my interview process so TaDah!!!!



Good starting point.  Has links at the bottom of some useful sources.  Very helpful when needing reminders for what happened to him, who he influenced, what was his children names are and other quick facts that you might forget.

Brief summary of his life.  Lots of facts in it.  Good starting point.  Gives some light on his life and what he did and his childhood.

Very enjoyable to read.  Very interesting and full of facts.  Covers all areas of his life and what he is feeling when something happens.  Discusses everything that he did.  Very good to research his life and times.  Very helpful if you put sticky notes then you can go into anyplace in the book.  It gives you interesting look into his life and describes every detail.  So much you can learn from this book.  It gives you some visuals of what he looks like all through his life.  It also gives you a visual into what the H.M.S beagle looks like.  It has a summary of his most important dates at the back of the book.  It has a brief overview of his father.  It also has a brief overview of the currency and how much then would be how much now.   It also includes some maps of where he traveled.

This website is all about Charles Darwin.  It has a lot of facts about Charles and it is conveniently organized into different sections depending on what you want to research.

Eminent Document of Learning

Ok I know I should have posted this a long time ago but I am posting it now.  This is just going to be a summary of what I have learned in the past 2-3 weeks.

As you may know, I have decided to do my eminent person project on Charles Darwin.  At first I was very nervous about picking him because we do not have a lot in common.  I am so glad i ignored that because I just love reading about him and what he did.  He was a truly amazing scientist and I so wish I could do the speech from my perspective, because I have so many things to say about him.  I am so happy i chose him as my eminent person.

To research Charles I have been reading a short biography.  Well to me it was long.  It was 301 pages of his actually life with some other stuff written in the book that wasn’t included in the 301 pages, like his family.  This book has been so helpful. Not only have a learned about him, I have read about the most important time in his life and the most important people in his life  and how he saw them and how he reacted to them.  Reading this book really gave me some knowledge on what he had to go through and it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns.  Did you know it took him 20 years to wright and complete the Origin of species because he was struggling with sickness all the time and it was’t just the common cold it was throwing up constantly going to doctor monthly getting special treatments done.  Also he only published his theory because one guy (Alfred Russell Wallace).

I kind of went a little crazy when reading that book.  I had a bunch of stickies so each category was a different colour red-questions, orange-important people, yellow-eminence and chapter dividers, green-scientific, blue-important dates, purple-country/religion/places and last but not leas pink-interesting facts.  The people that saw the book at one point or another knows how much stickies are in that book especially at the start.  Hopefully it will help me out and I definitely think it will, if it doesn’t I will be really sad.  Seriously there are a lot of sticky notes!

This is pretty much all I have done for research except using 3 other nooks and 1 website. I haven’t read that much of the books or the website but I read a whole autobiography.

I may have (definitely have) mentioned this to some people or some people have heard me while talking to others.  The perspective I am using of my speech is Charles Darwin’s Hair. I know it sounds strange but he has done a lot of strange things, thats why I am interesting in him.

And know to totally switch topics.

I have stared coming up with ideas for my learning centre and in my mind it looks really good it just transferring the image from my mind into real life thats the problem, but I think it will be ok.  I am planning on drawing a boat (SS Beagle) on cardboard and then cutting it out and putting the interesting facts all around the ship.  Then having the map of the places he went on that boat trip above it and every stop write something he did there.  I will have lights hanging around and lanterns.  In my mind it looks really cool I just have to pull it of.

So that has been my journey so far.  I think I have done a good job but I am still really nervous for presentation, but I am that kind of nervous where its 50% nervous and 50% excited.