Sports. I’ve known it ever since I was little. I wouldn’t be alive if it didn’t exist and I wouldn’t want to live without it.

It is and always be a part of me. If my whole identity were a jigsaw puzzle, I couldn’t tell you how much of it would be sports. And a huge chunk of that sports section would just be soccer. The thing is, the minute I step onto the soccer field, everything just melts away. Like candle wax, if the flame was my love for the sport. All of the worries, and all of the distractions just go away.

If sports weren’t a part of my identity, everything would be different. The social aspect of my identity would be so unlike my social identity now. I’ve made many great friendships in soccer. Being on a team with someone, automatically gives you a bond with them. You have to trust your teammates on the field, so it is much easier to trust them off the field. Sports have allowed me to be myself, which helps me friends to accept me for who I am.

You see, sports aren’t just a hobby or a fun activity for me. Sports are an important part of my life. Of course, somedays are bad, like when I’m told I’m not good enough for a team, or I know I have let my team down. Sure those feelings suck but with all the great memories I’ve made they kind of made the bad ones seem not so bad.

You see the sports part of the jigsaw is so important because without it you can’t complete the puzzle. Every other piece would just be useless. That’s why I will always love sports. I go to practice, and meet up with my friends. I’ll step onto the field, and everything with just come into place and everything makes sense.


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