For my eminent project I have chosen Charles Darwin.  I have chosen him because he was so different yet he is one of the most influential scientist of all time.  Last year my friends and I did a project on him.  It was a very interesting experience.  We didn’t really know a lot about him, but when we started researching him we found so many unusual things that he did.  For instance did you know he ate a rat and a armadillo while he was traveling.  He also rode a turtle.  Unusual.

If you cannot think of who Charles Darwin is or you have heard the name before but you cannot think of what he did in his lifetime well, he is thought as the greatest biologist in history.  His most famous work, On the Origin of Species, explains the theory of evolution by natural selection providing numerous supporting examples.  He believed that all life on earth had descended from one common ancestor, whose offspring could vary slightly from the original.  This is interesting to me because I am interested in biology which maybe I could learn more about after reading about him and his work.

It is going to be difficult for me because I do not have a lot of things in common with Charles Darwin, but I think it will be fun.  I am also nervous because I am not that great of a public speaker. Public speaking is one of my goals I have on my IEP, which means I get to work on it during this project and I hope I can better my skills on it.

I hope during this project I will improve on my researching skills especially while keeping track of my sources because I always forget to do that or I do it the wrong way.  I would also like to improve on my speech writing skills and of course my public speaking skills which I definitely think will help me in the future.  The last thing I would like to improve on is my penmanship because I going to be writing all my notes and if I cant read what I wrote (which has happened before) that will be a problem.

By the end of the next month I hope I will have a greater evolution of knowledge on Charles Darwin.



Let them eat cake!

In socials class we have been researching and talking about social, technological, poltical and economical evolution.  We were supposed to create a wheel showing these main four evolution and if you wanted you could use some others.  My wheel is called ELSP.  It contains Economical, Law, Social and political evolutions. It is all based on events during or leading up to the French Revolution.


It starts of with the spark, economical evolution in my case.  It all started one day in fall in 1786.  Charles Alexandre proposed a financial reform package which had a land tax from which the privileged classes would no longer be exempt.  To gain support for this the King summoned the Estate Generals an assembly representing France’s clergy, nobility and middle class for the first time since 1614.  The meeting was scheduled for May 5th 1789

France’s population has changed since 1614.  The none aristocrats of the third party now represented 98% of the population, but the could still be out voted by the other 2%.  In the lead up to May 5th, the Third Estate began to mobilize support for equal representation. They wanted voting done by heads not by status.

On July 14th a popular insurgency culminated when rioters stormed the Bastille Fortress in attempt to secure gunpowder and weapons.  Many consider this the start of the French Revolution.  A wave of revolutionary fervour and widespread hysteria quickly swept the countryside.  People began revolting against exploitation.  Peasants looted and burned the houses of tax collectors and landlords.  This hastened the growing exodus of nobles from the country and inspired the National Constituent assembly to abolis feudalism on August 1789

The assembly then adopted the declaration of the rights of man and the citizen on August 4th.  The document proclaimed the Assembly’s commitment to replace the ancien regime with a system based on equal opportunity, freedom of speech, popular sovereignty and representative gonvernment.


Sports. I’ve known it ever since I was little. I wouldn’t be alive if it didn’t exist and I wouldn’t want to live without it.

It is and always be a part of me. If my whole identity were a jigsaw puzzle, I couldn’t tell you how much of it would be sports. And a huge chunk of that sports section would just be soccer. The thing is, the minute I step onto the soccer field, everything just melts away. Like candle wax, if the flame was my love for the sport. All of the worries, and all of the distractions just go away.

If sports weren’t a part of my identity, everything would be different. The social aspect of my identity would be so unlike my social identity now. I’ve made many great friendships in soccer. Being on a team with someone, automatically gives you a bond with them. You have to trust your teammates on the field, so it is much easier to trust them off the field. Sports have allowed me to be myself, which helps me friends to accept me for who I am.

You see, sports aren’t just a hobby or a fun activity for me. Sports are an important part of my life. Of course, somedays are bad, like when I’m told I’m not good enough for a team, or I know I have let my team down. Sure those feelings suck but with all the great memories I’ve made they kind of made the bad ones seem not so bad.

You see the sports part of the jigsaw is so important because without it you can’t complete the puzzle. Every other piece would just be useless. That’s why I will always love sports. I go to practice, and meet up with my friends. I’ll step onto the field, and everything with just come into place and everything makes sense.