Socials :)


1) Where are you (with respect to Social Studies)?

Well in certain subjects of history I know quite a lot.  For example, Greek Mythology, I was interested in it when I was in grade 5 because I started reading the Percy Jackson series and I wanted to learn more about Greek mythology I even tried to learn some Greek in grade 6, although that did NOT work out well. Because of my interest in Greek mythology I started learning about other mythology like Roman and Egyptian and they were interesting but Greek is still my favorite.  Last year we learned about the Renaissance and I like parts of it like the Art and Architecture, but the other parts weren’t that interesting to me.

2) Where are you going?

Well I am interested in a career in law and political science is in that.  I would also like to learn more about Philosophy because it is really interesting and different and i think is would be really cool to learn about.

3) What interests you about this topic? (why?)

Well i have always liked debating and arguing, it was always interesting to see both sides and pick which one you think is right.  What is interesting about philosophy is that its different and I guess i don’t know a lot about it but i have always wondered about it.

4) What challenges you about this topic?

Well i do not know a lot about Philosophy and Political science so i wouldn’t know what to do.  I struggle with history in general when I learn about something I find is very awful like Columbus and what he did.  Sometimes I struggle when I am learning about history and there is a bunch of names, it is just really confusing.

5) What have we done/read/discussed so far that provides an example at the main or 2nd focus question

Reading about Christopher Columbus was really challenging for me because i couldn’t get over all the bad things that he done so i had to read everything over and over again because it was just so awful. I also always stopped because I was wondering how this was not discovered till 50 years ago.  I get that the winner always rights the story but it was just shocking.