3 Wise Nugs

On a totally separate note, I’m I the only one who reads this to the tune of hot cross buns.

Anyways, to get back to the interview.  I have thought of 3 wise nugs to share, about my interview.

1 – Think of a lot of questions.  You would be surprised on how quickly the interview goes bye.  I had 10 questions and the interview was done in 15 minutes.  Maybe a bit more.

2 – Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  It might sound silly but if you are afraid to ask certain questions don’t be.  The person you are interviewing, at least for me, is very understanding if you are confused.

3 – You do not need to record the interview.  If you have something to take notes on, you can take notes.  I find it better to take notes because you can put them in your own words.

Overall I really enjoyed the interview experience.  I also think it will help me for future interviews.

Eminent Take 2 – Speeches

To start this off, I am just going to say this a rough skeleton draft of my speech.  If you have read my previous blog post, you know that I am not that great at deciding things and I am always second guessing myself.  Well it’ not any different when I am thinking of how to write an eminent speech.  Anyways here is the main idea I have fore my eminent speech.

Intro/hook:  Talking to herself.  Struggling with a problem.  It might sound weird because she is/I am talking to myself

Start of rising action:  Questions why she is still doing this.

Rising Action:  Trying to answer the question, start listing the negative things that have happened to get to this point.  All the struggles she has faced.  The unfairness of it all.  Talk about going to school to be a French teacher before she was allowed in universities.

Climax:  Realising that she does love it.  It’s her passion.  Thin about all the good moment and experiences she has had.  All the things she has discovered.  All the joys

Conclusion: This is why I am still doing this.  Goes back to work on the problem.  This time with a smile.

This might not seem like much but to me it’s perfect.  I also have a couple of other speech ideas in my head so hopefully I can wright a couple of different speeches and see what I like best.  Out of all the different ideas I have gong on in my head, I definitely like this one the best so far.  I think it is because the way I formatted I; it allows be to show all the hardships she has been through and it also lets me show everyone why she this is her passion.  If I really get stuck and the speech does not turn out as great as I think it will, I can always change it.  For now I am going to stick with this outline though.

EMINENT take 2 – Intro post

It is that time of the year again, Eminent.  Which means Night of the Notables are right around the corner and interview emails are being sent out constantly.  Before all of this happens there is one thing each and every TALON student has to do.  Pick an Eminent person (insert dramatic music here).

When thinking of possible eminent people there is always an internal debate going on in my head.  It is hard for me to choose just one person. I am very scared that I will get halfway through researching my eminent person and then find someone who fits my description of an eminent person better.  Although despite everything this is what kind of happened to me.  Before going to the library trip I had though of a person: Mary Cartwright.  So of course when we got to the library that is who I researched.  During that research I found a book.  This book contained many female physicist that had done many incredible things.  This is where I found my eminent person: Lise Meitner.

When I started reading about Lise Meitner, I realised that this was my eminent person right away.  I quickly found out how amazing she is and all the things she has contributed to the world.  These things may have a contributing factor for why she is my eminent person but none of them is the main reason why I chose her.  The main reason I chose Lise Meitner as my eminent person is because she deserves to be talked about.  Everyone should know her story and I want to tell it to them.  I want to be able to portray just how incredible and brilliant she is.  I want to share every struggle she went through and to show the world just how strong she is.  This is why I chose her as my eminent person.  When I am reading about her the thought of someone that might be better as an eminent person never crosses my mind.

There isn’t that many similarities between us.  Although she was a physicist and I want to study mathematics.  She was born into a big family,  and I was born into a family that might be considered big but compared to hers in is pretty small.  When she was a child school stopped at the age of 14 for girls, so she then prepared herself to become a French teacher.  As I looked toward a future profession I would like to have teaching has crossed my mind.  I also think it would be fun to learn French as I am already in French 10 and hopefully I will continue to study it to French 12.  If you look close enough you can find similarities but you can also find differences.  She lived in a different century a different country and on a different continent.  That is what will probably be the hardest part of my eminent person study.  I have to remember that there was a lot more struggles for females in science in the early 1900’s.  I also will never know what is like to live through WW1 and WW2.  I have to take in all of these facts when I am creating a speech, making a learning center, and whenever I am researching about her.

Even with all the differences between Lise Meitner and myself I still want to have her as my eminent person with all my heart.  I hope that I can tell everybody about everything she has done and all the wonderful things she has accomplished in her life.  I am really glad that I chose her because I feel a lot more passionate about her being my eminent person then my last year eminent person. Charles Darwin.  I think it’s because I can discover a lot more things about that I don’t know yet.  Last year I has already done a project on Charles Darwin Before, but now I get to start from scratch and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I am really ready for excited for this eminent project so here goes, Eminent take 2

Blog Response #3 – Harrison Bergeron

There are two mediums in which Kurt Vonnegut’s story “Harrison Bergeron” is portrayed.  One is Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron”, the other is the film adaption “2081”.  The film did an excellent job depicting the story, but reading the story you can come to a better understand of this dystopian future and the characters within it.  During the film you cannot really understand what the father is thinking about.  The film doesn’t quite show how challenging the handicaps are to deal with.  In the story, you can obviously see how hard it is to deal with the handicaps.  In the story it clearly shows how you cannot continue a thought for more than twenty seconds with a mental handicap.  Also in the movie it did not feel as if everyone was equal.  When watching the ballerina’s in the film they looked graceful and better than the average human.  In the story it tells you that the ballerina’s weren’t better than anyone else who would have tried.  With the film all the masks were the same, rather than the story where there were uglier masks than others.  When comparing these two mediums, I think the story did a better job showing the struggles that people go through with handicaps on then the film. 

Blog Response #1 and #2

Blog Response #1

What I took away from this past week is how it’s hard to see the good in the world when you are looking at a single story.  After listening to Stuart Mclean’s “Safe Places,” and Chamimanda Ngozi Adichie’s “The Danger of a Single Story,” I could see where these two wonderful works of art related to one another.  With “The Danger of a Single Story,” you notice that to really get to know something or someone you will have to hear all of their stories related to it.  In that sense if you want to understand the world you will have to learn all of it’s stories.  I think the reason people are afraid of the world is because the sheer vastness in the amount of stories out there is incomprehensible.  There is simply too many stories in the world therefore we usually see the world with one story.  People rarely see the good in the world because to learn what is happening around us we turn to the news.  The news reports stories people will pay attention to.  They report grief and misery, which is sadly the common single story of the world.  Seeing the grief and misery in the world can make you afraid of it, yet once you look past that veil of despair, you can start to see the beauty and wonder all around us.  Once you have started looking past the single story you can find the creativity and the kindness that’s all around us.  

Blog Response #2

The thesis statement of David Suzuki’s “Racism,” in my opinion is, you learn your beliefs from the people around you.  “It’s funny how when we are kids, we don’t see the difference that adults do.  We learn what to fear or hate from our parents or others around us”(page 17).  I think the reason why we learn what to fear from the people closest to us is because we have spent the most time listening to their story and their experiences.  When you hear that one story over and over again you are then able to interpret it and understand their point of view more.  It is hard to go against what you were told to fear, especially when that is how you were raised and no one told you a different side of the story.  When you are a child you haven’t had many experiences in the world, so you base your opinions on what other people have told you.  When you are a kid you haven’t experienced moments that can determine your personality and how you act.  You learn how to act in social situation by learning how your parents act.  So much of your personality is determined by your parents when you are a kid.  When you grow up, you have to choose whether to keep that opinion you were taught or use the experiences you have to come up with a different opinion.  Though when you are a kid, the way you act is just a reflection of what you were taught by the closest people around you; the producers of the story you hear the most.

Blog Response – Emil

How do you know when you are influenced by someone?  In the story “Emil”, Stuart Mclean shows us how the smallest event can influence us the most.  It is truly amazing how Morley’s life changed once she got to know Emil.  “Will you show me your garden tomorrow”(116).  After catching Emil in her neighbor’s garden, Morley asked Emil this.  A simple conversation with Emil led her to see his garden the next day.  From then on she would not only give him money and food, but she would also get him flowers for his garden.  From this discovery it leads her to plant flowers in his garden without him knowing; next summer he will be surprised when they bloom.  It’s amazing that from one conversation, Morley was changed forever.  She will now think to buy him things for his garden.  An exchange between two people, caused one to influence the other to change.

Scene # 1 of IDNS –

“Let’s have a vote.”(page 23)  The four words that decided how everyone was going to view Ralph, yet they weren’t even said by him.  “I’m chief then.”(page 24)  It was decided then, after a vote, he was going to lead this group of boys until rescue came.  I feel Ralph handled this scene extremely well.  He didn’t really get to say if he wanted to lead or not.  He did want to be the chief, but he didn’t really show it.  He tried to remain impartial; for he was not the only one who wanted to be chief.  Instead of making a huge deal over it he left it up to the group to decide who they wanted.  It also shows how his outside appearance made people look up to him more.  The group of boys only knew him for a couple of minutes and yet they trusted him to lead the group.  This shows that people do judge a book by it’s cover; who knows whether or not Ralph is a good leader.  What I think shows that he might make a great leader is how he let the group decide who was going to be chief.  I feel this is a very admirable thing to do, I probably would have done the same thing.  Letting the group decide is way better then forcing yourself to be leader.  When you become leader because of a majority vote then you know you have earned there trust.  In my eyes it was the responsible thing to do in that situation.  Hopefully he keeps being responsible and can be a good chief.

There is a bunch of synonyms for exhuasted. Well instead of using one of them, I wrote a paragraph instead.

Telling Sentence:  I am exhausted

Descriptive Paragraph:

I have this feeling.  It is a feeling that every last bit of energy I have within my body has now disappeared.  I can barely lift my arms, drag my legs and move my thoughts through my head.  I can’t even complain, for that would take me opening my mouth.  All I am thinking about is closing my eyes and shutting the world out of my mind.  I am just waiting for the moment where I can sink into my own personal pit of silence, where a cocoon of warmth and comfort awaits me.  This place is something I so desperately want and need right now.  The problem is it would take moving to get me there, and moving is something I don’t want to do, I don’t even think I can.

Number 5

I can’t believe it is pretty much April, time flies by so fast.

Right now my In-Depth project is going extremely well.  I am learning so much, the last meeting I had with my mentor was awesome, it was kind of in two parts really.  The first part we went outside a went to a park and took some photos while we walked around.  Now this park that we went to is really cool because it’s for deer, you usually see a couple of deer in it.  I have been to it before and we did see deer, but unfortunately there were no deer or even rabbits we usually are all over that place.  The second part we went inside and she downloaded some photos onto her computer, from there on she taught me how to use Light room, which was awesome because you can do so many different things with Light room.

For the first half of our meeting i didn’t record it because we were outside and you couldn’t really tell when conversation was going to happen, for the most part while we were outside it was silent or just talking about random things.  Although I do remember a lot of the conversations I had with her so I will be adding some quoted from when we went outside.  Most of the conversations I had with my mentor were when she was showing me what I could do with Light room and how I could tweak my photos.  I will be showing you the different kind of hats that were used in the conversation by inserting quotes and snippets of our conversation.

Lets start of with the White hat.  Most of the second half of or meeting was the White hat.  After all she was teaching about something I didn’t know.  She basically taught me how to change colouring/contrast/temperature/highlights/exposure/shadows and the better ways to crop the photos.  When we were working with the colour and all those other things

Next is the Red hat.  Whenever we are looking at my photos or her photos or anyone photos one of the big things she says to me is “what does it make you feel”.  This time around she showed me how you can use Light room to change your feeling for a photo.  “One of the ways you can change how you feel with a photo is by changing the temperature of the photo”.  Temperature is something you can change say you had a photo that had a lot of cooler colours you can turn the temperature up to enhance the warmer colours to make to more of a warmer photo.  When you do this is completely changes the emotions of the photo.

Now onto the Black hat.  This hat came into affect during the end of the second half of our meeting.  At the end she would ask me “Megan what should you do to fix the photo”.  It was kind of like a quiz on how much did I remember of what she taught me and usually I had to think about it for a little bit but then I knew what to do and most of the time it was the same thing she would do.  Another thing she asked a lot was “What is wrong with the photo?”, I learned two months ago what you should do while taking a photo and what you shouldn’t.  I be getting better and it and most of the time i know right when i see it what i did wrong.

Number four is the Yellow.  This hat also appeared frequently in the meeting, especially when we were working on editing the photos we took.  “I like to enhance the exposure and the darkness of the photo.”  This is something my mentor does quite frequently and it works beautifully.  There all other features of Light room that make the photos look so much better.  “Now the photo is ok now, but when you do this it’s a much better photo.”  When she was telling me this she was cropping one of my photos to make it look so much better.  It amazes me how one of the simplest of things can make such a better photo.

Next is the (drumroll inserted here) the Green hat.  This is my favourite hat for two reasons, the first is because it’s green the second is because it’s creativity.  I pretty much had this hat on the whole entire first half of my mentor session.  I like to think outside of the box I’m not even sure I have even seen the box and it is the same when I am taking photos I get as creative as I can and it can be anything from the way I am standing to how the main focus is located in my photo.

Last but not least is the Blue hat.  At the start of the session she told me “For today I was thinking that we could go out and take some photos and then come back and I could show you how you can edit them on Light room.”  This is one of my favourite things about my mentor, among a lot of others, she is like me when it come to planning about what we are going to do.  Learn is a general path to take but we are able to stray from the path but still we are heading in the same direction.  “We can go to deer park(the park we went to) or we could go to this park you’ve never been at before.” I love how she lets me pick some of the stuff that we are doing.

I can’t wait for our next meeting, I know it’s going to me as amazing as this one and probably even better.

1 done, 2 through, 3rd gone like a bird, onto number 4 and I can’t wait for more

So in the span of 2 weeks I have had two different mentor meetings so I am just going to combine them into one post.  The first meeting we talked about aperture and shutter speed and other words that I had no idea they existed.  She talked to me about what they were used for and how they worked.  She even showed me a photographer who used these two components in taking photos so amazingly well.  The photographer that we discussed was Ansel Adams and his photos are just breathtaking.  They are so incredibly detailed.  Aperture is measured in f-stops and the lower the number the more light you let in, the higher the number the less light you let in.  Well Ansel Adams took photos with a very high f-stop, meaning he let in very low amounts of light.  What he did do was let the camera look at what it was shooting for a long time.  This let more light to travel into the camera.  This made the photos be absolutely beautiful and so detailed.  The second meeting we discussed more about other photographers and there styles, what they did differently, and what photography was like when they were taking photos.  I found that so fascinating, all of these photographers were just amazing and so talented.  The whole time she was talking I was just in awe because the photos that she was showing me were just something else I can’t even explain it, they were amazing.  At the end I just had a whole different point of view of what photography is.

After just these past 2 weeks my point of view on photography has changed so much. I thought of photography as a way to capture perfection in the world. Sure some photos are that, but after this little bit I have realized that most photos tell a story somehow or pull you into the photo and leave you wanting more.  Another opinion that has changed for me is that I used to think you took pictures of objects.  Now I realize you take photos of light and the way light moves or how it forms around object.  After just 2 weeks I have learned so much and in so many different ways.  I have learned more about photography by taking photos, looking at other photos and wondering how they did it and starting to understand how they took that photo and listening to my mentor when she explains everything to me.

If I had to choose one DeBono technique I use the most it would probably be listening attentively.  This is something I just do automatically, especially when people are talking about something I am interested in.  For example in my mentor meeting I find it impossibly to focus on anything else other all I do is focus on what my mentor is saying.  If you gave me job to not listen to my mentor even for a minute, I do not think i could do it.  I just find everything so useful and helpful and to drawn in to what she is saying then to pay attention to anything else that is going around me.

So far I am so exciting for what going to happen next and if it is anything like these last couple of weeks I know I am going to enjoy it so much more.